“Kim, you have done a masterful job with your training materials. 

I was going to get this stuff earlier and probably should have so I could be a little further ahead. But now, I’m going to make up for some lost time in getting through your stuff as quickly as I can.  There is a lot of wisdom in your training and I’m lapping it up like a thirsty dog! 

Even though I have experience with marketing and sales, your work here is custom made for coaching, cutting edge and up to date for the current state of the resources that are available for me to fully leverage and quickly grow a coaching business.  You are my guardian angel and I believe, heaven sent.  Thanks!”
Clay Conner, Life and Leadership Coach


Kim has been my ‘go-to’ resource for the very best training and encouragement for marketing my own coaching business.

She has been a phenomenal partner in helping me narrow my niche, developing a marketing strategy and in creating valuable content to share with potential clients. I’ve found her products and services to be of the highest quality, and an EXTREME value.
Matthew Reed | Life and Leadership Coach www.matthewreedcoaching.com


“Working with Kim Avery was like having a best friend to talk to, but she also had
the Biblical wisdom and training to help guide me through some tough decision points in my life.  When I needed to “lighten up,” Kim was there with great understanding and support, and her genuine sense of humor and ability to laugh,  helped me work through some of the mountains I had created for myself. 

Kim didn’t give me the answers, but she was there to help motivate and support me to find them for myself and to move forward toward a more rewarding and fruitful life.”
Rochelle Anderson | www.mastersprogram.org


“When I was looking for a coach instructor for Career Coach Academy who could emulate my training style, encourage students, and produce masterful coaches, it was a difficult task . . . until I met Kim Avery.

She blends the art and science of coaching beautifully, engages her audiences expertly, and delivers those golden-nugget “ah-ha’s!” that will change your live forever.”

Susan Whitcomb, Founder and CEO of The Academies | www.TheAcademies.com



Working with Kim Avery is not only beneficial it is pleasurable.  Kim kindly encourages her clients to discover themselves by looking at their whole selves–their interests, skills, passions, and values.  Once this has been accomplished, she helps them to see where the discovery can be harmonized with a career that is a joy to go to and best of all financially and personally rewarding. 

Kim “walks” with her clients each step of the way delivering them to their goal with proficiency and by instilling confidence.  Clients can’t help but feel confident by Kim’s kudos and reassurance.
Arleen Bradley, CCMC | www.arleenbradley.com



“Kim, since this experience with you and this group I have had some major shifts in my view of myself as a coach and as a career woman.  Truly, they are paradigm shifts.

You prayed one time that we could provide $ for our families, and gave me “permission” after 24 years of being a stay at home mom, that it is OK and even Godly and Good, to make $. That is HUGE for me.  

I actually am embracing the idea that I am now a “career woman” with a business!!!!!!  AND….IT FEELS GOOD! :) I am a contributor. I am capable. I can do this.  Of course all with God’s grace and help! AND totally surrendering it all to HIM and His will.

I am actually feeling less and less afraid of having a successful business and being a successful coach. HUGE!!  I don’t feel PROUD, but I don’t feel scared like I did, either.  

I just feel more established and confident in my role as a Life Coach for wives and moms and women. It truly is a “glove like fit” for me. :)  AND I love doing it! I am so honored and rewarded and content. AND I WANT to do more!!

Finally, I am taking my business so much more seriously. I am really thinking about earning, marketing, advertising, ways to have touch points with my potential coachees. I am actually setting goals for my business, and looking for opportunities to speak, and starting a consistent blog. I am thinking about how I would structure a newsletter, to risk and put up a few videos of me sharing a life strategy on my website/blog/fb business page. Again, HUGE.

Being in coaching with you and this group, has done those things for me.  Thank you, God. (and Kim!)”
Courtney Freeny | www.courtneyfreeny.com

“I highly recommend Kim Avery Coaching’s Bite-Sized Marketing Courses. As you go through just the right bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, you will be able to save time and move forward more efficiently in marketing your coaching business.
Mary Lou Caskey

“Kim is one of the most gifted coaches in the career and life coaching field. She is an encyclopedia of helpful and educational information when it comes to all the different variables in the workplace. The return on investment when working with Kim is through the roof. Multi-talented , multi-gifted, and one of the most delightful people you will ever meet.”
Beverly Sivert

“Kim Avery is a marketing maven; but more importantly, she deeply cares for and supports Christian coaches. Most people of her caliber make promises that are hard to keep. Kim Avery is among the few: you can count on her promises. She is not only true to her word, but she provides more support and information than you can ask for or even imagine. Truly, Kim is an extension of Christ.”
Shelly S. Cantrell

“Kim is a wonderful teacher and coach. She taught me the skills I need to be an effective career coach. Her insights helped me to articulate my passion for helping people with special career needs, and her genuine enthusiasm gave me the confidence to  implement a plan to take my career in the direction I want it to go. I now feel prepared to start the next phase of my career. Kim’s sense of humor and warmth made our sessions fun, and inspirational. I plan to continue working with Kim as I build my own coaching practice.”
Holly Heaven MS, LPC, CCC

“This program was a godsend and has given me the tools I needed to build a strong foundation for the coaching business. Thank you Kim for this wonderful program. ”
Carolon Donnally

“I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Kim as an career coach trainee. Kim always encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone and continue to develop my budding coaching skills. As a role model, she motivated me to want to be  and do better. Each session she knew exactly how to highlight the right things in our coaching conversations to make me see that I really had the foundation to be successful in the field.

“I highly recommend the Bite-Sized Marketing courses for anyone who is unsure where to begin or feeling stuck as to how to grow their coaching business. I can honestly say that the Bite-Sized Marketing materials has provided me practical and immediately applicable knowledge on marketing my business — more so than any of the other books or “experts” I’ve come across. Kim has a knack for condensing marketing concepts and tasks into a step-by-step approach. Each course contains essential information and valuable tips, packed into a straight-forward, results-oriented approach on how to kickstart and/or improve the marketing of one’s business. I am confident that the return on my investment for this information will be exponential.”
Aimee Wade

“Kim was consistently supportive of me becoming the person I always wanted to be. Trust me, this is so important for a career changer. If you commit to doing the work, under Kim’s coaching, you will see exceptional results. I guarantee!”
Cindy Pace | Fortune 50 Diversity Executive & Corporate Career Strategist

“My Ideal Niche is an awesome course that I highly recommend for everyone who is truly seeking to understand and identify their niche. This course begins at the foundational level of identifying your values and passions and things that you care about! Isn’t that amazing that your niche or area of expertise should flow out of core values and things that you are passionate about! Most of us are scripted and working in professions that we’re not exactly passionate about and as I have found out that is totally crazy and backwards! But this course walks you down the complete path of not only identifying your “niche” based on your core values and passions but also of researching your niche from a business perspective so that you have a clear understanding as to whether or not your “niche” is a profitable niche! Take the course and you’ll have a great time learning and exploring your niche! It’ll be fun! Great job Kim! This is a great course!!”

Mike Kopp

“I utilized Kim as my coach as I was training to become a coach.  We had several one-on-one sessions.  Kim’s style is very comfortable and effective.  We covered some deep topics in a relaxed but thorough manner.  I truly loved our sessions together and always looked forward to having Kim walk alongside me as I went through my certifications.  She encouraged me along the way and gave sound advice and resources for me to utilize.  I would not hesitate to hire Kim again.”
Lisa Adams  | Career Management Coach & Workshop Speaker

“Kim Avery’s course, Creating a Winning Website” contains a wealth of specific, direct, information that is accessible to a newbie to world of the web. I find Kim’s information and the questions she asks give me the direction I need. Her course has helped me feel more confident that I can reach my target audience and make a difference in my business without wasting a lot of “wondering” time. Kim’s clear language and straightforward style makes creating a website accessible to anyone. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is starting out or even wanting to revamp their current website. Thank you Kim, for making it available for new coaches like me.”
Nancy Booth

“Kim is a well-respected leader in the career coaching industry.  Her expertise and cutting-edge knowledge of current trends and techniques makes her a resource for other coaches to tap when they want to further hone their own skills.  She excels at using powerful questions and techniques to help her clients uncover their skills, passions and values and find meaningful careers that match those attributes.  Kim is upbeat, positive, and focused on results, which makes the coaching process both stimulating and motivational.  I am extremely pleased with the coaching I have received from Kim and plan to continue to utilize her as my #1 “go-to” coach for assistance in the future.”
Marjorie Unger Dirks | Career Coach/Trainer, Minneapolis/St. Paul  MN

“These courses are enduring because they teach clear and practical essentials upon which every web site needs to be built. I am so grateful that Kim has put such tools at my disposal.”
Steve Cromer