KAC_Academy_Logo_FinalIf coaches were only allowed to use one marketing tool, I’d recommend having an ezine or electronic newsletter, and I’m not alone.  In fact, studies show that even with all the social media venues available today, email is still the highest rated marketing tool for businesses.

A newsletter is at the heart of your marketing system. Not only does it leverage your time & money, it adds value to your client’s lives and builds a foundational relationships.

Bite-Sized Marketing does more than give you useful information. It provides you with just the right information, everything you need to take action and then breaks those actions into bite-sized pieces so that you can fill your coaching business with eager clients.

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After completing this material, I now realize just how valuable and necessary it is to utilize these tools
in my business marketing efforts. ~Aimee Wade
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Course Includes:

Seven complete lessons giving you everything you need to create client attracting newsletters.

Note: This is an “on-demand” training course. There is no “live” component. All of the training is available to you online to work through independently at your convenience.

1. Why a Newsletter is Critical
(video, audio, web-based learning, hands-on worksheet)

  • The principles of email marketing
  • Why a newsletter is more important than a website

2. Signature Marketing System
(video, audio, web-based learning)

  • The three main components every marketing system needs
  • How to choose a viable and profitable niche
  • Build a marketing funnel that will work while you sleep
  • Key marketing strategies that drive traffic to your website
  • Interactive Activity – Explore every level of a marketing funnel

3. Benefits
(video, audio, web-based learning)

  • 5 key benefits of having a newsletter
  • How a newsletter leverages your time and money
  • Why having a newsletter is key to your online presence

4. Before You Begin
(video, audio, web-based learning, hands-on worksheet)

  • The one thing to decide before you even start
  • Learn how often your newsletter should be sent

5. It’s Time to Write
(video, audio, web-based learning, hands-on-worksheet)

  • What you should include
  • Putting the pieces together
  • What to do when you don’t have time to write

6. Sending
(video, audio, web-based learning, hands-on worksheet)

  • One last critical step
  • Don’t forget this!
  • When is the best day and time to send your newsletter

7.  Maximizing Your Impact
(video, audio, web-based learning, hands-on worksheet,)

  • Getting business from your newsletter
  • How to know if your newsletter is working


Newsletters – Items You Can Include

A comprehensive list all of the different items you may choose to include.

Video Marketing

Everything you need to know about using video to get clients.

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Video By the Numbers (Interactive Learning Activity)
  • Video Marketing Worksheet PDF

How to Build Your List in 45 Minutes a Day

Learn a strategy that is not only effective it’s “doable”

Prioritized List Building Strategy

Learn what activities to do first

Yearly Newsletter Planner

A handy grid to help you plan an entire years worth of newsletters

Now Only $49.97


Now Only $49.97