Branding is not a once for all process, at least not for me. As I learn more about my clients and their needs, I’m also learning better ways to reach and serve them. Thus, I am always tweaking elements of my brand.

I recently redesigned my business card and thought I would share the final result with you and the reasoning behind it.


(Black background added so you can see it better)


I highlighted my tagline on the front of the card because it expresses my USP – Unique Selling Proposition.  In other words, it lets people know who I work with (Christian Coaches), why they need me (they are too busy to learn all the marketing in’s and out’s on their own), and how I serve them (I break marketing down into bite-sized pieces to keep them from being overwhelmed.)

Colors & Logo

The background colors and flower elements duplicate the design on my website as well as my other online and printed materials.  I want these elements to be consistent across all channels so that the coaches immediately recognize that they are in the right place.


My favorite part of my new business card is the bite-mark in the top left-hand corner.  I want my card to stand out from the rest. This bite-mark reinforces my tagline and makes my card distinctive and memorable.


While you can’t see this it in the picture, my business card is made from heavy card stock paper and is glossy on both sides.  This makes it fun to hold and silently communicates that I do things with excellence.


(Black background added so you can see it better.)


Many business cards are left blank on the back.  That is wasted real estate.  Use the back of the card for a call to action or to communicate something of importance.

I chose to invite the reader to go to my website and download my free ebook, Top Ten Marketing Mistakes NOT to Make. This allows me to add value to their lives and gives them great information.

Contact Information

Don’t forget to add each pertinent piece of contact information.  I recently left a networking event with a handful of business cards.  Three of them neglected to print their email address on the card (crazy, right?).

That’s my new business card.  I would love to see yours.  Why not email it to me so I can highlight it on my blog or Facebook page.

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