Prewritten Strategic Speeches

With a prewritten strategic speech you will be able to naturally weave your marketing message into your presentation and deliver your compelling offer, all while giving your audience knock-out information.

Purchase a Prewritten, Fully Brandable, Strategic SpeechTM

Every Speech Kit includes:

an audio download of the speech being delivered by Kim Avery
the complete transcript of the speech
suggestions for customizing the speech to suit your audience and target market
all the necessary collateral material that goes with the speech, including handouts, quizzes, assessments, articles and more!

Plus, when you listen to the speech being delivered by Kim, and you hear first hand all the incredible techniques she uses, you’ll be able to incorporate every nuance, every inflection into your delivery for maximum effect.

What a time saver! No more research, no more sweating the small stuff, wondering if this line or that line is appropriate. No more hunting for just the perfect example.

What an energy saver! You’ll be able to spend less time worrying and more time focusing your energy on more important things, like working with clients and running your business.

What a relief! You can now rest easy, when you realize that your speech will be a winner. You will be more confident, you’ll get more offers to speak, you’ll reach more people, and you’ll end up with more clients.

Incredible Benefits

With a prewritten Strategic Speech, you’ll have all the tools you need to make a unique, powerful, customizable statement wherever you go. You’ll create credibility, generate referrals, have people soliciting you so speak to their groups, and best of all, you’ll grow your business effortlessly.

Surprisingly Affordable

Due to my passion for helping Christian coaches serve God’s people through the power of coaching, these speeches are priced at about half of what they sold for on my original Speeches2Go website.

My prayer is that God will use these spoken words to bless others and build your business at the same time.

A Prewritten Speech Package $69.95

Click the links below to take a look at the different speeches that are ready for you to brand, customize, and deliver:

Professional Speeches – These speeches are suitable for delivery at business meetings, networking groups, conferences, professional associations, chambers of commerce, and any other group where business people gather to hear someone inform, inspire and/or motivate them.

Christian Speeches – These speeches are perfect for any group of Christians needing a speaker – ministry events, conferences, luncheons, chambers of commerce, networking groups, and special interest groups. They are Scripture based and application rich.