My Ideal Niche

6 Week Coaching Group – Early Bird Special!

Do you find it hard to explain what you do as a coach?

Do you seem to attract clients who can’t pay what you want to charge?

Are you working hard but not seeing any results?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are not alone.

Non-niched coaches often find themselves…
  • Working with clients they don’t enjoy
  • Spending too much time marketing and getting too few results
  • Stumbling for words when people ask what they do
  • Struggling to write compelling web copy or brochures
  • Discounting their services just to get clients
  • Unsure of where to find people to market to
  • Worrying that they may have to give up on their dream and get a ‘real’ job

The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough clients.

It’s that potential clients don’t see the value of coaching (at least not enough to spend hundreds of dollars on it.)

If this describes you, then it’s time to discover and define your ideal niche.

Coaches who work with their ideal niche…
  • Never struggle to explain what they do
  • Have a clear, crisp marketing message that attracts the clients they want at a price they’ll pay
  • Experience increased visibility and credibility
  • Easily develop compelling web copy and marketing materials that work
  • Have a memorable tagline to keep what they do “top of mind”
  • Get lots of referrals because others understand what they do
  • Get to work in their sweet spot day after day
  • Have clients who stay longer and achieve more


Choosing the right niche attracts a steady stream of eager clients who want what you have and are willing to pay for it!

My Ideal Niche

Who Is This For?

Christian coaches who have never chosen a niche or those who have tried a niche but it’s not proving to be viable or profitable.

Here’s What You Will Get

Weekly Instruction giving you cutting edge information to help you choose a niche that’s viable and profitable.

Targeted Tools, checklists, templates, and weekly assignments to help you move from stuck to success.

Private, Members-Only Group for mid-week encouragement, support and suggestions to keep you moving forward.

Incredible Suite of Materials giving you all the information and tools you need in bite-sized pieces to guide you every step of the way.

Session Recordings so that you never have to miss a group and can review as desired.

When Does It Meet?

We meet for six sessions on Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm ET from March 9th-April 20th.
(Please note that we will not meet April 6th.)

This is the only time this group will be offered in 2016!



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