015: Start With Passion ~ Podcast

It’s all wrong. The advice that we’ve always heard is that when we meet with a potential client we should start by explaining what coaching is, talk about the way it works and then share the incredible benefits our coaching brings.

But have you ever noticed how people’s eyes glaze over before you even finish? There is a better way!

In this podcast, learn…

  • The quickest way to build a lasting connection
  • The importance of sharing your passion
  • The difference that passion will make in your marketing
  • Ways that you can tap into your passion to build your business.

Click to listen:

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4 thoughts on “015: Start With Passion ~ Podcast

  1. I think I need you to move in with me for awhile, Kim…so I hear these powerful concepts on a more regular basis. I can get OFF course, so easily. My default is to say WHAT rather than WHY I am called to coach. And WHAT I can do for moms rather than WHY. *SIGH* I get frustrated with myself that I “get” it and then LOSE the focus so easily!!! LOVE the RED carnations in the picture, BTW!!! :-) Thank you for today’s reminder!

    • You are so welcome, Pam. I think we all need to be reminded of the passion God has given us on a regular basis. There’s something wonderful about community that reignites the fire within.

  2. Thanks Kim for reminding me that passion is what I need to speak. It is my heart but I can easily hide it because of working so long in an educational, left brain setting. May the why speak loud and clear.