The “About Me” Page: Make It Work For You

By Kim Avery

[Platform Online Book Study] The “About Kim” page is the second most visited page on my website. Since coaching is a very personal relationship, that just makes sense.

Michael Hyatt’s chapter on the “About Me” page teaches us how the make the most of people’s natural curiosity.

My “About Me” Page

While I discovered that there were a number of things that I was doing right on my “About Kim” page, there were also a lot of opportunities that I was missing. It was time to redo my page.

I incorporated Hyatt’s suggestions and you can see my revised efforts with annotations below.

Here is the snapshot of the bottom half of the page…


Your “About Me” Page

What can you do to improve your “About Me” page?



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12 Responses to “The “About Me” Page: Make It Work For You”

  1. Patti says:

    Thanks Kim for sharing your new efforts on your About Me page. I was so inspired and thought “I can do that!”. So, here is my new About Me page

    • Kim Avery says:

      Wow, Patti. Great “About Me” page. I especially love how you start with your unique value proposition so that the reader immediately knows why they should keep reading and following you and your blog. Super job!

  2. kinsey says:

    Excellent information Kim! Will definitely use. Thanks!

  3. Debi says:

    Great stuff here Kim! Thanks for sharing…I am going to revamp my ‘About Me’ page tomorrow. Thanks!

  4. Pam Taylor says:

    WOW! Thanks, Kim Avery! I have seen my About page through fresh eyes. I have done a good job telling about me, but neglected to tell them what’s in it for them on this page. I need to spend time re-working it. Thanks for the heads-up…:-)

  5. Thanks for this post. It makes me want to revise my about me page and make it more about the reader getting to know me. These tips are invaluable! Thanks again.

  6. Cheryl Cope says:

    Very good tips!! I have some changing to do to my about me page!!

  7. Thank you Kim! I will share mine when it’s updated, this helps.

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