008:Tips for Effective Networking ~ Podcast

To get new clients you need to meet new people and one of the best ways to do that is through networking. But for most of us the thought of networking is intimidating and overwhelming.

How can fit in better at a networking event? How do you start a conversation with complete strangers? Better yet, how can you get people to come to you instead of you having to chase them down?

In this episode you will learn the one underlying principle that should guide all your networking, 8 tips to make your networking more enjoyable and effective and the eternal mindset will give you peace.

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27 thoughts on “008:Tips for Effective Networking ~ Podcast

  1. You know, I’ve been struggling with really refining my target market for a very long time now, as it’s been relatively broad up to this point. I decided to take the past few days and time some time in the morning to reflect and pray about this before moving forward with my other projects, and God is faithful! I believe I have much clearer direction for at least one people group to target to that I can relate with, have experience in, and could be seen as credible. That said, even with my introverted personality and limited networking skills, I think I would feel comfortable networking with this group.

  2. Good message! As Zig Ziglar says, you can have anything you want in life if you help enough other people have what they want in life.

    Today I invited my church planting, website building class mate round for dinner, where apart from having a good meal with our families, we’ll be discussing my new website, and how we will use coaching techniques as a means to discipling members of the new church we’ll be planting later this year.

  3. Thanks Kim – those tips are helpful for more than just a networking event but for any occasion we have when meeting new people. I especially appreciate the reminder to just be interested in others and people respond to that.

  4. I loved this teaching! It takes the pressure off during networking and let’s you share naturally from the heart. It’s not about “selling” to one another but to start the relationship connections.

  5. Maximizing my existing client base by offering free coaching session for ever referral that results in a working client. Most of my clients come from referrals anyway, so this is a win/win.

    Thanks Kim for your encouragement.

  6. Excellent tips for many life situations. Especially great is to see social gatherings as divine appointments and consider people there be those God wants you to serve and, in many cases, those people have a sister, workmate, neighbour, etc. they will recommend you to.

    I’m have another coffee date next week. I want those I meet with to know I’m not a sales lady looking for their money. My mission is to get to know them and show I care–do as suggested in the audio.

    I also have a list of products I really want to get written up and prepare for download–self-coaching tools. Need to figure out best way to set up auto-download since my website (Vistaprint) doesn’t have that feature. Others, feel free to email me with your suggestions (info@rosaliegarde.com)

  7. Later today I will listen to Kim’s podcast. Two things I have done this a.m. which separate active coaching from non-profit ministry: joined PCCI teleclass for tips related to spiritual dev. coaching, which I do, and offered resources to group as a follow up. Second – reflected on 6 expert tips for working with donors for a couple non-profits on whose Boards I serve, so we can shore up fundraising.

  8. I LOVE this audio about networking events. Thank you for doing this, Kim. It has given me a whole new mindset about them. (Still not ready to jump in quite yet, though. Need to plan a strategy. :-) On another note, as a result of Kim’s excellent ability to motivate and encourage me to action…what I did was write up a new spring/summer special offer that should go out via MailChimp later today. YAY!

  9. I found this audio about networking very helpful and I will certainly use the tips you gave. I don’t find networking very easy but hopefully this will change in the future. I spent some time this morning thinking about the workshop I am planning and deciding what target group to aim it at.

  10. I had a major breakthrough in narrowing down my target market today! After hearing Kim’s definition of a niche in our marketing course, I have been struggling with the idea and making little headway. After working with my coach today, I was able to identify a specific niche in which I have personal experience and professional knowledge and expertise and that is dear to my heart! It is incredible the change that has taken place within me–from concerned and discouraged to excited and motivated to reach out to this group!

    I am so very excited to get started. Today I have been finding identifying internet gathering places for this group and reading blogs on relevant topics. I am looking forward to including relevant and encouraging topics in my blog and newsletter!

  11. Today I was thrilled to accept an invitation to speak at the Optimist Club in three weeks on Life Coaching. This will get me in high gear! I have networked with the individual who invited me a couple previous times before. I am hoping to meet a lot of people, have a lot of fun and explain the benefits of Life Coaching.

    Pray for me as this is the first time I will have presented my Life Coaching Business live before a group! I am loving the opportunity….thanks for the 15-day Challenge!

  12. There we go–that one went through! I’ll try this again. Kim, I really love how concise and practical your tips are–I am gleaning much from you. Thank you for your wonderful helping spirit. I will utilize your tips from today’s podcast on Saturday night. I am attending the annual gala for a wonderful organization (breakdownstl.org) for which I sit on the board. I will be the person on stage at the end of the evening doing the “ask” for our fundraising. This will be a wonderful opportunity to network with others. I will remember the tips that you shared, Kim. Thanks!

  13. I like the over-all focus on learning about others as primary to even what I have to offer to help them. Also being a resource to & for them is a simple way to get contact info. and not sound like I’m developing a bigger list. I’m recalling that many times Jesus asked questions first about the person.
    The local Spring Fair is starting. What a great place to practice asking questions and not sell, can even bring contact for something free.

  14. Yes!Networking feels challenging for me- even more challenging then public speaking! However, I plan to listen to your podcast, and hopefully will be encouraged after I hear a few more tips in this area. Thanks, Kim!

  15. Currently, only my close group of friends, family members, the few people I’ve seen in person, and some key people I’ve set up meetings with know about my coaching business. I started writing a note that will be my official “grand opening” type of announcement. I think this is great timing since I’m currently in week 8 of my fantastic Coaching Skills Development class. I’m excited to get the word out soon and really get rolling!!

  16. Day 9: I have realized over the last week that I need to work on my “elevator speech” in order to educate people about the benefits of coaching. Most people in my area seem to be unfamiliar with the entire concept so I need to strengthen how I introduce it to them. Worked on that today…needs refinement and testing. Tried out a few phrases tonight as I met several people for the first time, but I am still not confident with what I have…yet.

  17. (Day 9 – wind & rain messed w/internet last night) Again, Kim, thank you for the simple reminders about “Relationship First!” I was intrigued by your Stress Card/device and wonder how you actually used that without it feeling from left field. Have you used something like that in a normal networking situation, or was it where you may have had an area/space at a conference/convention?

    • Hi MaryAnn,

      Along with the low-tech stress test I used at networking events, I also had a stress ‘bio-dot’ put on the back of my business cards. Even though it’s clearly not very scientific, it was amazing how intrigued people were. They loved putting their thumb on the dot to see what color the bio-dot turned. While they were waiting for it to turn a color, I would ask them about the stress in their lives. People LOVED talking about the stresses they were facing -which of course, was a great lead-in into how Life Coaching could help. Another benefit was that they hung onto my business card so they could keep track of their stress – so they were continually reminded about me.

      I really don’t do any in-person networking at all anymore – but if I did, I think I would do it that way again.

      And just in case you were wondering, I have no idea who printed those for me. It’s been too long ago. I just randomly Google stress dots and found an inexpensive distributor.

      I hope that helps.

  18. Day 9: Attended a great workshop today on ‘effective development of our network’. I keep thinking I know everything I need to know about networking until I learning something new. So glad that that is so. Today I was reminded of the value of consistent relationship building with my connections. So, what was one of the big takeaways for me? Ping vs Spam. I need to develop a ‘ping’ strategy which keeps me top of mind with the members of my network.

  19. Day 9: A great reminder that networking doesn’t have to be hard! Today’s appointments were cancelled due to Winter Storm Yogi’s fresh dump of snow and sleet. Yes, we’re having a very lovely extended winter this spring. 😉 I turned my activity toward my connections on Linked-In and sent quite a few messages just to ‘tap on their window’ to say hello and ask what’s going on in their lives. Several responded with a desire to extend the conversation over coffee or lunch. Dates are set!

  20. Gave a short presentation to a group of pastors today also got the Credit Card accepting part of my bank account fixed today so I can confidently follow up with a couple of clients who wanted to get started paying with CC. I have felt bad about not starting up a couple of years ago when I first started taking the classes and got a couple of clients but it REALLY was not the time for me. Now, a combination of God-nudges along with this challenge have really encouraged me to go full steam ahead. Thank you Kim for being a strong instrument of God!