Work Less: Accomplish More ~ Productivity Tip

It’s counter-intuitive but true. The best way to grow your business may be to work less so you can accomplish more. Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth Revisited, states that the reason most entrepreneurs fail is that they spend more time IN their business than they do ON their business.

How can you as a Christian coach avoid this mistake? Watch this video to see how I incorporated this powerful awareness into my business model and learn the wonderful results.

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8 thoughts on “Work Less: Accomplish More ~ Productivity Tip

  1. Totally agree! I once worked five days a week and Saturday mornings in my dental office. You would think longer hours would bring in more business but for some reason when I cut the days to four days a week, I was more productive. Plus I had time for other interests and a personal life! Great advice!

  2. I’ve already done the first step of shutting down the computer on Friday and not turning it on until Monday morning. I’d like to go back to what I did at the beginning. Monday used to be mostly Focused Marketing and catching up from weekend posts while I was shut down on weekends. Then, it used to be: Appointments on Tuesday-Thursday; and then Friday was my writing day. But, I have morphed into trying to do EVERYTHING all FIVE days. So, it is time to step back and pray for God’s plan for my days and then have the courage to stick to it. Thanks for the reminder, Kim.

    • Hi Pam, It’s hard not to feel the pressure of trying to do everything, all the time, isn’t it? Good for you for slowing down and taking a look at the big picture.

  3. I am working on developing a product that I do not have to be present for and that will allow me a little more time to work on some other things in my business. Great reminder Kim!