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Professional Christian Coaching TODAY: Christian Coaching’s Vision for the Future #001

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Today’s the big day! I’m excited to announce the launch of Professional Christian Coaching TODAY, a podcast dedicated to informing, equipping and inspiring Christian coaches, ministry leaders, and professionals who use coaching skills.  God is using the Christian coaching in amazing ways all over the world, and with this podcast, Chris McCluskey, founder of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, and myself want to invite you to join us in expanding that reach.

Vision for the Future

Here are just a few of the exciting topics we have lined up for future shows:

  • Professional Christian coaching skills and competencies
  • Coaching ethically and excellently
  • Launching and growing a coaching business
  • Growing as an entrepreneur
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Social media
  • Technology
  • Public speaking
  • Technology developments
  • Group coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Spiritual formation coaching
  • Coaching missionaries, church planters, and pastors
  • And more

As we’re making this inaugural launch of the podcast, could you help us out by providing some feedback? Some comments and ratings on iTunes? If you believe in Christian coaching as we do, we would appreciate your honest review and rating.

And be sure to pass this podcast along to a friend.

Until next week, keep raising the standard.

Click here to download the transcript of “Professional Christian Coaching TODAY: Christian Coaching’s Vision for the Future”



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