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27 Easy Holiday Marketing Ideas

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It’s hard to enroll new clients during the holiday season. People’s time, attention, and money are naturally focused elsewhere.

The good news is that the holidays are a great time to grow and deepen key relationships, and when the New Year rolls around many of these people will be eager to work with a coach.

So, how do you add value to prospects’ lives without focusing on the sale? By generously giving.


To make the most of your holiday gift-giving this season, give gifts that are…

Niche-related – Address a specific problem your niche is struggling with and one that you as a coach can help them solve.

Sample-sized – Give the right-sized gift so that you’ll whet their appetite for even more in the future.

Branded – During the busyness of the holidays, brand your gift to ensure your recipients remember who you are and how they can reach you.

 Speaking Ideas

  1. Give a free “How to Have a Stress-Free Christmas” or similar niche-related speeches or Webinar during the month of December
  2. Give a “How to Set Goals That Work” or similar New Years-type workshop locally or online in January

Writing Ideas

  1. Write a Top Ten Holiday Tips type article or blog personalized to your niche (For example, the parent coach could publish the Top Ten Family Celebrations for Christmas, the Career Coach could give away the Top Ten Tips to Get Promoted in the New Year, etc.)
  2. Write holiday-themed articles on loneliness, depression, spirituality, holiday self-care, etc. for the local newspaper, magazines, or church newsletter
  3. Write a blog or article on how to make and keep New Years resolutions
  4. Write an end-of-year self-assessment for your clients and/or their businesses
  5. Create a list of gift ideas appropriate to your niche and publicize it

Social Media Ideas

  1. Create a series of branded Countdown to Christmas shareable Christian quote graphics that people in your niche can use and share
  2. Create and share a series of Stress-free Christmas Tips graphics
  3. Create an inspirational and/or informational holiday video (keep it under 2 minutes)
  4. Develop a 10-day auto-responder series of Holiday Self-Care Tips that people can sign-up to receive via email

Website/Newsletter Ideas

  1. Offer a holiday special coaching package
  2. Offer gift certificates for a coaching package
  3. Offer any products that you sell for a one-time low price between Christmas and New Years Day

Free Product Ideas

  1. Design a calendar with quotes, verses, and/or inspirational thoughts for each day/week of the year
  2. Create a Holiday Recipe book with recipes from your clients and contacts
  3. Create a branded Advent Calendar for the holiday season

Coaching Ideas

  1. Hold a customer appreciation day when clients and/or followers can call for spot-coaching
  2. Offer a free short-term holiday-related coaching group
  3. Announce a holiday contest for someone to win a small coaching package

Personal Touch Ideas

  1. Host an in-home cookie exchange and invite people in your niche (use for relationship building, no sales-pitch)
  2. Host a coffee at a local coffee shop to celebrate the holidays and invite people in your niche
  3. Send personalized Thanksgiving cards to clients and contacts
  4. Send personalized Christmas cards to clients and contacts
  5. Send personalized thank you notes to former clients and referral partners
  6. Send out a small branded gift to previous clients and contacts
  7. Send small gift cards as a thank you to any referral partners


  1. Crystal Lee

    Thanks for this! Great ideas!

    • Kim Avery

      You are so welcome, Crystal. I hope you find some fun and easy ideas to implement.


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