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3 Steps to a New Marketing Mindset: Marketing Mindsets Part IV

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You’ve heard it a million times, “practice makes perfect.” And it’s true. In fact, that’s why you dread marketing so deeply. You’ve been unconsciously rehearsing the same, “I don’t like this. I can’t do this,” thoughts for years. Unfortunately, your brain has practiced this mindset until it is perfect. Perfectly miserable.

It’s time to take the same principle, “practice makes perfect,” and make it work on your behalf.  When we recognize Satan’s lies, replace them with God’s truths, and then rehearse and rehearse — transformation comes.

In this brief video you will learn 3 ways to permanently change your marketing mindset, which will reignite your business from the inside-out.


  1. Pam Taylor

    Oh so true. Practice makes perfect. Hoping to choose the higher road more often. I CAN do this marketing stuff. I WILL do this marketing stuff. I WILL get the help I need to succeed. Thanks for the Scriptures you quoted here. And for your wisdom shared! Bless you bunches!

    • Kim Avery

      Good for you. I love your determination.


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