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A mini-manifesto for you and me 🙌

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So… I did a thing. 

Yup, believe it or not, I wrote a manifesto. 🤷‍♀️

It feels a little weird because “manifesto” seems like such a grand word. So magnificent. So sweeping, and certainly for people much more important than me. 

…that is until I looked up the definition of this strange word, and straight from Merriam-Webster’s page to my heart came this:

“Manifesto: a written statement declaring publicly the intentions,
motives, or views of its issuer.”

In other words, a manifesto is a summary of who I am, how I live, where I am going, and most of all, WHO I am becoming along the way.

So, I started praying, and wondering, and writing, and erasing. A lot of erasing. Then suddenly after months of wrestling, one day the words just tumbled out, lined up, and sang the song of my heart back to me until my soul caught fire. 🔥

Yes! This is who I am and who I want to be.

And then, in another flash of insight, I looked up from my laptop and realized I am not alone. 

Standing beside me, before me, behind me, informing me, inspiring me, and at times, dragging me forward is YOU!

My fellow prayer-powered, Christ-centered entrepreneurs. This manifesto isn’t just my calling, my rallying cry, it’s ours.

Yours and mine.

So, read through it. Print it out. Say it aloud. And let me know what you think. What should we add, take out, or change?

Who are we, and what are we about? Together let’s craft our manifesto and live it out for the glory of our God.

Manifesto for Prayer Powered Entrepreneurs

We are Prayer Powered Entrepreneurs. We believe that with God all things are possible, all power is available, all needs will be met, and everything that needs to get done always gets done.

God is our CEO.

We are Christ-centered, grace-infused, unhurried, unworried, not giving in to hustle and stress.

Since God is our source, everyone and everything else is His resource.

We serve fully, give generously, collaborate freely, and create relationships that are always win/win.

God’s approval is inevitable, and His love is unconditional, therefore we leave our comfort zones, step out in faith, and persevere in the face of suffering and doubt.

Every day in every way, we show-up, filled-up, eager to walk out His plan.

We work hard, play often, rest guilt-free, and fully trust all outcomes to Him.

We are prayer powered entrepreneurs, eagerly embracing what God has called us to do.


Download here: Manifesto

There you have it. 🙌 I’d love to know what you think.

And just in case I haven’t told you lately, I’m so glad we are on this adventure together. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.



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