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Baby Steps

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Baby steps… just keep moving and eventually we get there, right? It’s a simple concept that applies to both life and business.


But if it’s so simple, why do I find it so hard to believe and do?

Crash and Burn
Take yesterday, for example, when I set out for my morning walk. For the past nine months, I’ve been nursing my broken foot and sprained ankle back to health, and I knew it was still tender. But during my walk, I began ruminating on how I used to be able to go faster and further. I started comparing myself to other walkers in the neighborhood who were lapping me without even breaking a sweat. I envisioned myself once again crossing the race’s finish line way ahead of the pack.

So, I sped up. Pushed myself. Added more distance at the end.

And it worked. I accomplished the goal.

But I lost the battle – big time.

Today, I sit here with a swollen ankle having set my recovery back by weeks, maybe more.

I went for the big win, then crashed and burned.

Going for the Business Big Win
It’s so easy to do the same when building our coaching businesses. We watch an inspirational webinar, read a motivating book, or hear a friend’s success story, and we feel we should do more. So, we map out an aggressive strategy. Set lofty goals. Embrace unrealistic expectations. Our hearts pound with excitement, and adrenaline floods our cells. We’re determined to win this thing and build the business of our dreams – today.

Ready for adventure, we wake up early the next day and dive into our goals with glee. Sure, we slip on a few daily tasks, skip exercise, and ignore our families, but motivation and energy keep us moving ahead.

The next week, a little wearier, we still dig deep and with some hustle manage to squeak through.

By week three, the late night and early mornings start to take their toll.

And at months end, we are so burned out we never want to spend time in our businesses again.

Being a business super-hero only works for so long.

Baby Steps
While it’s not sexy, adrenaline-filled, or Facebook worthy, small steady steps STILL win the race.

Simple steps like:

  • Spending 15 minutes connecting on social media each day
  • Attending one networking meeting a week
  • Calling one prospect daily
  • Posting to your blog weekly
  • Blocking out an hour a day for marketing
  • Talking to a potential referral partner each week
  • Practicing your 30-second elevator speech for 10 minutes every day
  • Praying for your business first thing every morning
  • Writing a weekly marketing plan every Monday

You Can Succeed
Success is both attainable and sustainable for those who are willing to take a more studied approach.

Here’s how…

1. Choose just one or two 90-day goals that stretch you yet are realistic. Take into account the whole picture of your life as you set these goals, not just your business life.

2. Break these goals down into daily actionable tasks that you can accomplish in an hour or less.

3. Schedule time in your calendar daily to work on these specific activities.

4. Celebrate each win.

By taking small steps daily you’ll be much further ahead then if you’d set a massive goal and never followed through.

You can build a thriving coaching business in the midst of your already busy life by remembering that small steps yield sure success.

It’s Your Turn
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  1. Marvae

    Great advice! I too am learning the art and value of baby steps in this season! Like you said, it is not “sexy or Facebook worthy” but it is effective!


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