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Bringing Your Best Self to Coaching – Podcast #334

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Without exception, there’s one common denominator at the core of every single coaching session you hold.  It’s the most essential part of that coaching session, and it’s something you have complete control over. What is it? It’s you! Your use of self, your awareness of yourself, and your self-management as a child of God, a person, and a coach.

In this episode, we dive into a deep exploration of who you are, how you show up as a coach, and how you differentiate yourself from your client in a way that’s beneficial to you and to them.

Tune in to hear:

  • How to maintain a sense of autonomy instead of reactivity
  • The beautiful ways that coaching is a reflection of our Trinitarian God
  • Using the competencies as a tool for spiritual love


About Steve Cromer:

Steve has been most blessed by his marriage to Geneva for over 42 years. She has encouraged his love of learning and exploration in the fields of archaeology, chaplaincy, Bowen Family Systems Theory, pastoral ministry, coaching and teaching and, most recently, owning and operating a restaurant! Together they reared four sons, and now celebrate having three wonderful daughters-in-law – with a fourth one on the way – and seven grandchildren. They have recently relocated to Williamsburg, VA, where they will continue their explorations together.

Steve joined the PCCI family as a student in 2012 and as an instructor in 2017. Through his business, Steve Cromer Coaching, Steve works as a mentor coach for those seeking certification, as a leadership coach for those wanting to improve their soft skills in the workplace, and as a life coach for leaders who struggle in the over-functioning, “go-to” position in the workplace and in the family.

Learn more about Steve at

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