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Business Cards for Coaches

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Business Cards for Coaches

Your business card not only introduces you, it is the only tangible item people carry away from meeting you.

Maximize your influence by following these basic do’s and don’ts.

Business Cards


• Use free printing services. Using companies that will print your card for free in exchange for adding their name to the card diminishes the value of your business.
• Print your own card. Demonstrate your commitment to quality by handing your prospect a well-designed, professionally printed, high quality business card.


• Use the standard size. While uniquely shaped cards may be original if they don’t fit in people’s wallets they will be thrown away. Use the standard 3.5 x 2 size.
• Consider design elements. People do judge a book by its cover and they may judge a coach by his card. Ask your creative friends to help you make your card look good and stand out.
• Include all contact information. This will add to your credibility and accessibility.
• Use white space. If your card is filled with too many things the reader won’t notice anything.
• Brand it! Match the look and feel with those on your website creating a consistent, professional, and memorable image. Consider adding your professional photo to increase brand recognition.
• Use the back. This is valuable real estate. Add your tag line or advertise your complimentary session or free giveaway.

A business card is an excellent and inexpensive way to market your coaching practice. Use this vital tool well.




  1. Shelly

    Great ideas, Kim! Thanks for offering these tips!

  2. Kim Avery

    I would love to see a picture of your business card. Send me one when you get a chance?

  3. Esi Mathis

    Great bite-size help. I won’t repeat past mistakes. Thanks!


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