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But Lord, it’s not enough…

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I’ll be honest with you, here in my neck of the woods, 2022 was a looooong, hard year, and not at all what I had planned.

While I was picturing a slowed-down, deeply devotional, Instagram-worthy twelve months, God had other ideas.

He often does.

Frankly, partnering with the Almighty, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, and mysterious God in business is…



✔️rewarding, and


Why terrifying, you ask?

Because occasionally, when I meet a mountain that’s too high to climb, an obstacle too high to jump, or a need too great to fill, I turn to God for help only to hear Him say…

“You do it.”


Jesus Flips the Script
This morning, as I was comfortably tucked into my prayer chair, Bible in hand, I once again saw this counter-intuitive move of God.

Reading through the familiar tale of Jesus on the mountain teaching a crowd of over 5,000 fans, I paused to sip my tea and imagine the scene.

Here was the moment the disciples had been waiting for, Jesus boldly declaring God’s message and the crowd hanging on His every word.

But then the moment got long… 

and Jesus just kept teaching and teaching. 🤷‍♀️

Kids were getting restless. Stomachs started to growl.

Thinking strategically, the disciples decided to intervene. 

They interrupted the Teacher and pointed out the obvious. There was no food nearby, DoorDash didn’t deliver, so clearly, Jesus needed to send those 5,000 hungry people home.

It all made sense to me. 

I snuggled deeper into my chair and took another sip of tea.

God’s Unlikely Plan
If I’d never read the story before, I would have expected Jesus to say, “Good plan, Peter, let’s send the hungry away.”

Or perhaps this might be a heaven-meets-earth kind of moment when Jesus would say, “No worries, boys, I’ll step in and save the day.”

Nope. Jesus completely flipped the script, turned to the disciples, and said, “That isn’t necessary. You feed them” (Matt. 14:16.) 

“You feed them!” I almost spit out my tea.

Instead of the Son of God rushing to provide food straight from the Father’s hand, He asked the underqualified, ill-equipped disciples to publicly step up and give everything they had even though it was clearly not enough.

Like the disciples, this is NEVER my preferred plan.

I like it when I see a need, turn to Jesus for rescue, and then step back and watch God get it done.

Clients instantly come. Relationships are formed. The business grows and word spreads, all while I sit contentedly in my prayer chair rejoicing as I watch God work.

Now, that’s a beautiful plan. 🙌 

But sometimes, God works in more mysterious ways.

Give What Little You Have
Often, He hears my request, asks me to get out of my prayer chair, put down my tea, and start moving forward to meet the too-big need by giving away the too-little I have.

To publicly take my

  • imperfect,
  • unrefined, and
  • embarrassingly small gift,

and give it to others knowing in advance it’s not enough.

That’s a terrifying plan.

“You Feed Them”
I paused in my scripture reading. Prayed. Inquired…

“Lord, what do I have in my hands that You are asking me to give?” 

  • Even though it’s crazy small. 
  • Even though people may laugh. 
  • Even when I don’t see how you will step in and provide.

Hmmm… what if today, in some way, I stopped waiting on God long enough to ask Him if He is waiting for me?

How About You
How about you? 

What might God be asking you to step out and give away today? The need is great, our resources are low, but God is greater than them all.


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