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Coaching for Abundance, Impact & Freedom – Podcast #317

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Are you ready to help your clients move their ideas and dreams into reality? Cultivate a life of abundance, impact, and freedom? Tune in as coach and author, Andy Wood shares practical ways to help your clients take ownership of their futures and fulfill their most cherished dreams. 


  • Simple and powerful beliefs to move from scarcity thinking to abundance living
  • The impact that’s possible when we let go of “what’s in it for me”
  • The five laws that govern the success or failure of the choices we make each day

About Andy Wood
Andy Wood is an executive coach, speaker, author, professor, and former pastor who has taught and coached thousands of leaders worldwide.

Andy has devoted his life to one simple idea: MADISEL – an acronym for “make a difference in someone else’s life!” That’s what has driven Andy for the last 40 years as he has invested his life in communicating truth with passion and personally coaching, challenging, and encouraging others.

His latest book is titled LifeVesting: Cultivate a Life of Abundance, Impact, and Freedom and it is scheduled for release in January 2022. 

He now lives as the sixth generation on the family farm in southwest Alabama with his wife of 38 years, Robin. Together they have three grown children and eleven grandchildren.

Connect with Andy at:

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