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Communicate Your Value through Powerful Branding – Podcast #010

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Your brand is more than a recognizable logo. It embodies who God created you to be and who He designed you to serve. You need to make sure your brand is a clear and authentic reflection of that.

When people talk about you, they are going to fill in the blank with something. They will say, “You know [insert your name here], she’s the one who…” In a sense, whatever they fill in that blank with is your brand.


Join us for this episode where we will discover:

  • The danger in not knowing yourself and how others perceive you
  • Key ways to discover your own unique value
  • How to discern what your competitive advantage is
  • The importance of communicating your unique value and its return on investment (ROI)

Click here to download the transcript of “Communicate Your Value through Powerful Branding.”

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