Courage to TRI with Bethany Rutledge – Podcast #152

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If reaching your goals and dreams seems too hard, too long, too painful, or too far out of reach, Bethany Rutledge, author of Courage to Tri, shares why hesitations and doubts are normal, but don’t have to stand in the way of your calling. This episode will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and dare to change one thing.

Discover the courage to:

  • Make the shift from extrinsic desires to one intrinsic “why” so you can reap the rewards of relationships that add value to your life and others
  • Delve into new and untested things as you turn outcomes into check lists so you can successfully overcome the obstacles that tempt you to give up
  • Create sustainable accountability so you can leverage the power of a supportive community that will make your endeavors qualitative, sustainable and worthwhile

About Bethany Rutledge

Bethany Rutledge contributes to triathlon and endurance sports publications regularly such as Triathlete Magazine, Women’s Running, IRONMAN, TrainingPeaks, and more. She is author of the forthcoming book THE COURAGE TO TRI (Meyer & Meyer Publishing).

Once an unlikely endurance athlete, she and husband John are now co-owners of Atlanta Triathlon Club, a large triathlon community in Atlanta, GA. The couple also owns Energy Lab, a unique cycling and coaching studio. Throughout her career as a coach, Rutledge has worked with hundreds of athletes, each with their own inspirational story.

A two-time Kona qualifier, Bethany’s personal racing goals vary year to year. Some years she’s an IRONMAN addict, some years it’s down to exclusively jogging with Bailey. Bethany also co-hosts a weekly podcast “Grit and Dirt,” showcasing athletes who’ve made huge life changes (the grit) and the path that led them there (the dirt).

You can learn more about Bethany Rutledge and Courage to Tri at

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