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Daring to Answer the Song of Your Heart with Christopher McCluskey, PCC (Part 2) – Podcast #007

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Welcome to Episode 7 of Professional Christian Coaching Today in which we sit down with our show’s host, Christopher McCluskey, PCC, for part two of his inspiring story.


In the previous podcast, Chris talked about the challenges and obstacles he faced after shutting down his successful counseling practice to move his wife and children cross-country to the family farm and launch a private coaching practice.

Shortly after relocating, Chris was struck by a debilitating illness that took years to diagnose. He entered a “dark night of the soul” that took a toll on both he and his family. But instead of allowing difficult circumstances to harden their hearts, they served to strengthen their faith and resolve. During these difficult years, God inscribed valuable life lessons on Chris’ heart, which he shares with us today.

Chris identifies five critical beliefs that shaped his life and decisions during these years:

  • Discern your life’s call and listen to the song of your heart.
  • Count the cost and do your due diligence when launching your coaching business and in honoring your values.
  • Commit for the long haul. After putting your hand to the plow, resist the temptation to look back (Luke 9:62).
  • Persevere through the dark times and allow nothing to deter you from God’s plan and purpose for you, both personally and professionally.
  • Work creatively and collaboratively. Say, “Lord, show me something fresh here.” Ask, “Collaboratively, who else can help me?”

Click here to download the transcript of “Daring to Answer the Song of Your Heart with Christopher McCluskey, PCC (Part 2)”

How might these key takeaways mold your life and coaching practice?

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Until next time, keep Raising the Standard and Changing the World!

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  1. MaryLou Caskey

    Chris and Kim, I can not begin to thank you enough for this! Chris, thank you for sharing in detail about your dark years and what God is doing.

    • Kim Avery

      Thanks for listening, Mary Lou. I know we both appreciate your feedback and encouragement. I find Chris’ story inspiring, and I think I’ll turn to it often to give me courage to forge ahead even when things seem dark.


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