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Time for Business Building Comes at a Cost

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“Don’t live carelessly, unthinkingly. Make sure you understand what the Master wants” (Ephesians 5:17 MSG), and that’s where our business building begins, catching God’s vision for our life and our business.

That vision will guide you daily and motivate you when the going gets tough.

But only if…

only if you walk it out.

All too often there is a huge gap between information (knowing what to do) and implementation (doing it)!

Living out your vision takes courage, perseverance and an undying willingness to just say ‘no’ to anything less than God’s best.

Rick Warren said it this way in The Purpose Driven Life, “If you want your life to have impact, focus it! Stop dabbling. Stop trying to do it all. Do less. Prune away even good activities and do only that which matters most. Never confuse activity with productivity. You can be busy without a purpose, but what’s the point? Paul said, “Let’s keep focused on that goal, those of us who want everything God has for us.”

As you work at least one marketing activity a day into your regular schedule during this challenge, it may seem like you don’t have time to build a business.

Think back, did God call you to become a coach? If so, it may be time to prune other activities out of your life to focus on God’s best.

What are you willing to say ‘no’ to so your life can be lived with a bigger ‘yes’? 


  1. Kim Avery

    Dearest Coaches,

    It has been a joy to read your comments these past two days. I am in awe of you. Many of you are stepping out in faith in spite of fear, trying new things for the very first time, and blazing new territory.

    Others are carving out time in already overloaded schedules, rearranging priorities and making huge sacrifices all to live out this calling that God has on your life as a Christian coach.

    I wish I could sit down with each and every one of you over 1,000 cups of coffee to hear more about this faith journey you are on with God. You are incredible, and with God as your strength and guide, unstoppable.

    Thank you for being a part of this challenge. Thank you for being a Christian coach. And thank you for sharing this part of your journey with us here on the blog.

    Keep those precious comments coming…

    May God bless you today – Kim

  2. Frank Mason

    Day 3 and number 3 in my series of notes, “Coaching – what’s it all about.” I’d really appreciate it if fellow coaches here would have a look at my facebook page and let me know what they think.

    The number of followers on the page is growing steadily and I’ve noticed a number of friends of friends commenting and liking my posts.

    Thank you for setting up the challenge. It’s just what I needed!

  3. Michael Pfau

    Hi Kim – reminds me of a quote I read in the dream giver today. “If God is calling you out of a comfort zone or to do something beyond your ability, consider this: It’s not really your feelings of discomfort, but what you think those feelings mean, that determines what happens next.”

  4. nancy bouwens

    Asking God for more hours in my day to write and build by coaching practice…and being keenly aware this will involve laying down the good for the best.

  5. Laurie Fontana

    Love the fact that I can market my business away from home/office!

    On the road today, yet have sent my email to confirm appt set with Networking group to talk about a speaking engagement.

    Need to pray about if there are things I need to remove, to say NO to. Thinking TV might be one!

  6. Oge

    Hi Kim, Thanks for doing this just what I needed as I had hit a wall with my marketing. After a lot of procrastinating, I finally submitted my booklet for printing today. It is a coaching tool to help people reduce their stress and I intend to give it out/sell it at a women’ conference I am organizing in May. Blessings from England!

  7. Renee

    More writing today! I have been Specimen A of “All too often there is a huge gap between information (knowing what to do) and implementation (doing it)!”

    Breaking out of that now. Unfortunately, learning, often without implementation, often is rewarded — and I show up at learning events to get the rewards (stipend, computer, etc). Right now, I am experiencing rewards in completion of tasks but may need to consider other rewards (not “stuff”), too

  8. Lisa

    I so appreciate your reminder about vision! It is so easy to be distracted by all the details to manage and/or learn! I believe it was from one of your Bite – sized Marketing Tips podcasts that I wrote this note: 1.) Keep the vision before you; 2.) Trust the Lord; 3.) Do the Next Thing.
    Today I am doing those three things! The next thing is to learn about MailChimp for blog subscriptions and other email campaigns!
    Once again, thanks so much for how you consistently encourage and inspire us to step forward!

  9. Cristina Emigh

    Seriously Kim, did you write this for me? Thank you friend for the gentle reminder to pursue what God has called me to. Sometimes I feel as if the enemy will whisper in my ear and say, “Cristina, you are not good enough, why don’t you do this; or waste your time here instead?” THANK YOU for helping me get back on track!

  10. Kathy Cordell

    “Prune away even good activities and do only that which matters most.” This is the hard part! Along with becoming a life coach in 2008 came opportunities to write and speak as well as becoming the leader of a large women’s ministry. All these things are good and spiritually focus in the same direction – to Christ – but still pull my fleshly self in several different directions. I believe my challenge now is not so much saying ‘no’ but raising up leaders with the same vision to say ‘yes’ to His call. Coaching others to lead ‘in Christ’ empowers them while relieving me of having to ‘do it all’. I think it is time to look for some mentees!

  11. Pam Taylor

    “What are you willing to say ‘no’ to so your life can be lived with a bigger ‘yes’?” That is a tough one. I’m still such a people pleaser. For MONTHS I have felt (circumstances confirm it, too) that I need to stop leading a certain small group at my church but when I bring it up to the group, I allow myself to feel “selfish” and “guilty”. My Biz building for day three was to connect and post on LinkedIn. Haven’t been doing that lately.

  12. Holly Brand

    Again, a great reminder for today, Kim. My husband, Todd, and I had a good conversation last night about what things have to “give” in order to be focused on my call. That has been an important question. I am very involved in my church and in the women’s ministry. At exactly the time last fall when I was contemplating signing up for my first coaching class through PCCI, I was approached by church leadership with the offer of a paid position to be the director of women’s ministries. I was then put in a quandary, very much wanting to serve in this regard but knowing that to do so would sacrifice coaching, at least at this stage of my life. I am a full-time professor so there are only so many hours in the day! After much prayer and seeking I declined that position and instantly felt peace knowing that my pursual of Christian coaching certification was the right track.

    Today I contacted a friend/fellow church member, Buz Phelan, who owns Phelan Design Group. I highly recommend him, by the way, to anyone looking at having a website designed and implemented. He is going to be the one who designs and creates my new and improved website. My business-building activity of today was to send him examples of websites that I really like so that he can begin to formulate ideas for my own.

  13. Anita Schamber

    Day 1: Gathered with facilitators of life story to network and build community after deepening our connection with God. Life story is central to my ministry, so spent time reflecting and writing as to how it “wants” to be marketed and reviewing others’ tools for doing so.

  14. Anita Schamber

    Day 2: I am grateful for my contacts, but for marketing and connection purposes, I am turning to the experts for how to create lists. I have completed one such downloaded instruction on list building through Facebook. I took good notes, but must review again as I am not as savvy on social media as others.

  15. Mark Thomas

    Talked to 2 prospective clients today. Looking forward to see what the Lord will do.

  16. Anita Schamber

    Day 3: A snowstorm and road closure has kept me from traveling back to Sheridan, Wy, so am meeting with a network group in Denver who also went to the gathering I attended to discuss next steps in collaboration with others, as part of our marketing in common areas. I have planned some reading re: product creation, as tomorrow I hope to be on the road for a 8-10 hour drive. If I can process ideas as I go, it will be time well spent.

  17. Patti

    Sick today ~ but still connected with some via social media… posted your comment as a status update on facebook page! “Don’t live carelessly, unthinkingly. Make sure you understand what the Master wants” (Ephesians 5:17 MSG), and that’s where our business building begins, catching God’s vision for our life and our business.” ~ Kim Avery Coach (linked to)

  18. Kerry Iannone

    Completed details needed for a large luncheon I am coordinating and where I will be able to share briefly with over 300 women. I have been prioritizing and re-prioritizing over the last 6 months or so when I resigned a part-time position to focus solely on my coaching business. As a busy mother of three active children and a co-pastor with my husband, there is little room in our schedules to waste. Every moment needs to be used wisely in order to keep things in their proper order. After time with the Lord and my family, I’ve been listening to downloaded podcasts when I have “down” time such as traveling, carry my ipad with me to work on text for various projects when I have some spare time and continually converse with the Lord and thank Him for this wonderful opportunity of life coaching.

  19. Shelly

    I’m willing to say no to anything that doesn’t get me closer to my goal. Today, that meant saying “no” to an opportunity that doesn’t line up with the direction God is taking me in. It was a hard “no” but I feel at peace with the decision.

  20. Linda J. Shull

    Dear Kim,

    I think that is your new book title: One Thousand Cups of Coffee – for all the ways you have helped others, all the times you have prayed for coaches and helped us to think of marketing skills in bite-sized pieces!

    Because purpose and vision can be so “big” in our minds, we think the steps to get there must be equally as huge. One thing that I have learned from you is that it is important to just take the next baby step, no matter how imperfect.

    My mindset is one of ministry so, today I will view my marketing focus as my outreach. I will update my Facebook and work it regularly into my daily schedule, because it is a wonderful way to relate and reach out to others! Amen!

  21. Mary Yerkes

    Great post, Kim! I’m cutting back on some teaching at church to focus more “teaching” via my coaching blog and newsletter. My goal is to post twice a week. I see it as a “soft sell,” letting people get to know me through my writing and focusing on some classic rhetoric techniques to whet potential clients’ appetites. Stay tuned!


  22. Glenna Hiett

    This morning I forwarded your website to another LC student with a note to encourage her to do the 15-day Challenge.

    Also I contacted a LinkedIn friend, making plans to visit Toastmaster Club, to increase public speaking skills. I

    am looking forward to each day, asking for wisdom for what the Lord would have me to do next. Thanks….

  23. Mark Myers

    Great opportunity today to leverage my leadership of the local chapter of a national networking and career management group for financial executives! Although I’m in Nashville, a fellow member of the national group and member of the Jacksonville FL chapter contacted me requesting assistance with networking and insight on her goal of relocating to Nashville. I not only was able to share information about our business community and networking opportunities with her peers, I was also able to introduce the idea of coaching services. Time will tell whether that will turn into a ‘new business close’. Regardless I am in a position to help this individual and am so grateful to have that opportunity.

  24. Pamela

    Today I finished designing my business cards so that I can get them to the printer tomorrow. I also worked on a plan for prioritizing what to do over the next 3 weeks on the “behind the scenes” side of my coaching practice. I am looking at making up some brochures geared to specific niches with information about the benefits of coaching for them. I plan to deliver them to various places that serve those populations of people.

    I loved the focus on doing what matters most today and pruning the rest back. This challenge is very timely as I only have 3 weeks of school left and then I can focus on coaching exclusively! It’s a great kick-off for me! Thanks!

  25. Shelly Guernsey

    Saying “NO” to not getting enough sleep. Sleep is under-rated and extremely important not only physically, but to the oomph of my business!

  26. Barbara Solsaa

    God is so amazingly good…this business is going to happen! Met with a pastor today and told her about coaching and she considered it a gift from God, asked if I could also do it with her husband and then asked my permission to have me speak to a group of clergy colleagues to offer coaching to them as well. Who knew that doors would fly open so quickly and generously!

  27. Teri Bailey

    I have reduced my TV time. If I sit down to turn it on, I ask myself “Is this getting me closer to my goal?” I am getting so much accomplished! A friend called this evening and is now going to be a client! I had a meeting with a business owner today to explore coaching for himself and he’s now going to hire me to offer sessions to his 5 employees! Kim, thanks so much for this challenge. I have stepped into faith that God will bring clients to me and it’s happening!!

  28. MaryAnn

    Learning to lead better, by inviting others to contribute more, has allowed me to put more energy into the things I’m better wired to do.
    Today I worked on my website.

  29. Betty

    I agree that there is sometimes a gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it. I know that I need to develop a marketing strategy, however I have been stuck and had problems moving forward. This exercise is a good way to get motivated. I am working on an ebook that I can give away on my website. My next step is to get a website.

  30. Pamela Jackson

    Today I completed development of a 12-month content marketing campaign to qualified prospects; posted on my business Facebook page; and “liked” the business pages of all my referral partners (for whom I had not yet done so), posting comments on their pages. Yay!

  31. Deirdre

    Action: Met with a web designer today to get my website checkout. Well….needless to say…back to the drawing board. However, I am closing to completing this website adventure!!!!

  32. Darcy Miller

    I am in a season of assessing and pruning the actitives that get in the way! Adjusting and adapting as I listen the finetuning of the call and be aware of the listening to serve the clients, all important parts of every aspect of coaching and a life well lived!

  33. Tracy Flori

    My business building activity for today was to swap services with a peer coach. I did a DISC debrief at no charge for her today (this is my strength) and she is helping me set up a newsletter, (her strength).

  34. Kristianne Wargo

    Day 3 completed. Today, was a web hunt day. I spoke with 3 possible web designers and received pricing from one. The cost of web design/marketing is very expensive. The decision rests as to the priority of where my limited funds should be directed. I can design it myself, but time is the factor. “Lord, I call out to You for direction!” I now have a Pinterest account too. I began working on my newsletter topics and opened up a Mailchimp account. It all sounds like little pebbles, but each step takes time. Also, on the website, I have outlined my tab headers. I feel very accomplished; however, so much to do in order to launch. Nerve racking and exciting all at the same time. What a blessing!

  35. Karen Pyne

    Day 3: Continued working on web content; Have changed the way I introduce my biz from “I am launching a coaching business” to “I AM a professional life and career coach”; Confirmed registration for leadership event next month that will allow me to connect with Christian business professionals in my community; Received confirmation that my biz cards have shipped and should arrive by early next week. Seeing them “in the flesh” will provide added motivation for my visual self. And Kim, could we change that conversation with coffee to conversation with chai or hot chocolate??? Someday I want to be able to sit down with you over a cuppa and personally thank you and show you what this challenge has wrought in my life!

  36. Sheila Kale

    You are so right, Kim. There are so many good things we can do. Georgia O’Keeffe said, “If you are going to paint, you can’t do a hundred other things.” You can substitute whatever your calling is for paint. It is so obvious, but I’ve always needed that reminder.

  37. Chris Kirby

    I love friendly challenges like this. Thanks for getting this going, Kim. Today’s marketing comment from me? Have courage. Know the place (and the person) from which your integrity comes and don’t compromise it. That’s been tremendously difficult for me over the last few weeks as I’ve grappled with some tremendously difficult situations. But then I recognized that all attacks – ALL attacks – come from the enemy. So I now count it as a sign that I’m on the right track . . . or the enemy wouldn’t bother to make life difficult.

  38. Cathi

    Talked to an instructor about classes in my chosen niche market to get marketing advise and info And also to target market couple of ladies about how they would feel about the group sessions. It was a positive response .

  39. Leigh Ann Hudson, Shine Forth Life Coaching

    I just woke up realizing I didn’t post my Day 3 activity on your blog..yikes! I sent a Life Coaching FAQ sheet to a lady that contacted me earlier in the week through Facebook. We hadn’t spoken in a few years and she needed help on an unrelated matter. Of course, I shared about my wonderful new career and then followed up with the FAQ. Now, back to sleep…sweet dreams everyone 🙂

  40. Shelli

    Day 3: I posted this yesterday but for some reason it’s not showing up. In short, a potential key biz partner reached out on Twitter of all places! We share a similar constituency group but different services. Next steps are to explore where we can coordinate resources & support jointly; could be a nice collaboration.

  41. kerry reddick

    Kim, I always love God’s timing… over and over this week my challenge has been through His Word, other devotionals and some things I have been reading and working on in my Christian Coaching business is to say “no” to some things and get focused.. and that was a word that came up.. not goals, but focused! And now today that is your word to us! I am trying to do one thing every day for my work and focused on that one thing instead of worrying about tomorrow and looking at what is one the thing that can Honor God the Most today in my life and work!
    Thanks Kim for keeping us accountable and challenged!

  42. Heather Campos

    Do less. That line out of the warren quote made me smile. I was “serving the servers” late into the evening and neglected posting! But this challenge is helping me stay focused. I designed business cards yesterday and did some other backdrop steps that I would have delayed otherwise. On to day 4!

  43. Tina Cochran

    Saying no to the things that are good “opportunities” to leave time to clearly hear God’s direction and rest in his presence has had a huge impact on not only my business but every area of my life

  44. Glenna Hiett

    Today I acquired tech support to help me to download my Logos Bible Study series. I have been putting this off even though I know it will be really beneficial in my spiritual walk with God. And to research important issues and articles. Thanks for the motivation your 15-day challenge has been to me! thanks!

  45. Kim Hawkins

    Day 3: I got a blog post published and shared it in all the appropriate places. YAY!

  46. Anita Schamber

    Meeting with two colleagues, Anastasia Hansel and Karen Taylor, for the global focus we share on women in leadership at noon April 10 in Denver prompted a redesign conversation/planning around our website, the audience we are trying to reach, restructuring needs to invite participation, and other biz/marketing details.

  47. Anita Schamber

    Day 4 – The roads were clear so the trip from Denver to Sheridan took up most of my day (good think time). I stopped in Casper and taught my Coaching for Spiritual Dev. teleclass from the “side of the road.” I discussed with one coach the inside out vs. outside in approach to authentic branding. The conversation gave me more food for thought and awareness of how God is speaking to me through my ministries. I have so much academic experience that my words often need redrafting to more “common speak.” I want to show that I am real and vulnerable, as God’s person and a professional.


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