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Do you ever ask yourself if all the work you’re putting into building this business really matters?  If you really matter?

If so, you are not alone.  I ask myself this all. the. time.

Questions, Questions
It all starts with a question. Or two. Or ten. The kinds of questions we “think” will help.

Should I change my tagline? Start a group?  Pick some new website colors? Change my niche? 

Should I get a triple macchiato with my donut or stick to my diet instead?

Go Deeper
It’s funny how these same questions come back again and again. They’re asked by our outer selves, the ones who get dressed up on Zoom calls, make easy small talk on the phone, and exude confidence like a Calvin Klein model.  That self who secretly hopes she’s just one website redesign away from the business of her dreams.

But like a persistent fever pointing to an underlying infection, the never-ending nature of these questions gives evidence that there’s something deeper going on inside.

Asking donuts or diet, website or niche, or should I change my tagline one more time – it’s a distraction. A cosmic stalling tactic. Self-esteem’s sleight of hand.  An easy hook to hang failure on when we launch our passions out into the world and they crash-land without a survivor on board.

But when we dare to go deeper, to explore the bigger, scarier issues beneath the mask, our hearts are whispering these questions.

Questions From the Heart
Does building this business really matter? God, did you really choose me? 

You see, I’m spending hours, months, years, of my one, crazy, unrepeatable life trying to promote the cause of Christ-centered entrepreneurship to a world with other things on its mind.

Daily, I’m stepping up on my shaky platform cobbled together with heart and hope, proclaiming a message that most entrepreneurs don’t want to hear, and even if they do, surely God can send someone better than me. 

Or so the inner accusations go.

And once again, my trembling heart whimpers in the night, God, does this really matter? Did you really choose me?

Like a washing machine stuck on rinse and repeat, no matter how much success I experience, the questions come back again and again.

Slowly, the truth begins to dawn.

Never Enough
On my own, I can never succeed enough, be enough, do enough, keep up enough to fill my heart with the confidence that I need.

So, here’s the thing.

I can continue the self-delusion that tweaking, stalling, and rearranging the pieces of my message is all I need to do to step more boldly into this call, or I can bring these questions to my Lord who knows me best of all.

I stop. 

Breathe deep. Look at Jesus’ face. 

He smiles, then answers my questions with a resounding “yes.”  

And God Says…
Of course, this message matters.  It’s a critical part of My global plan to win the world back to Me.  It’s My message, designed to be delivered from your lips, to call My people home.”

And better than that, I hear, “Kim, You matter. I love you.  I like you.  I delight in you. It’s my greatest joy to be with you, even you, especially you, in this journey of your mission and life.”

And the needy bleeding in my heart slows. And stops. The cracks and crevices begin to fill.  With joy. With love. With the courage to do it one more day.

I Matter
So for today, this one day, I’m standing tall, on a platform built by God, declaring confidently to the world, Christian entrepreneurship matters. And among others who deliver this message, God has called me. 

I matter.

You Matter
And so do you!

Yes, you, even you. 

Especially you.

We can’t wait until the world chants our names or enshrines them in flashing lights to share what we have.  It won’t happen.  And if it does, it won’t last.

God has given you a message.  A gift.  Not to hoard, and tweak, and refine, or bury in a field for fear it will go away.

Go Change the World
He’s given you a message, divinely sent, blood-bought, to share with a world that will ignore it, devalue it, and throw it away.  

Share it anyway.

He’s given you worth. Eternal, undying, irreplaceable worth that the world will never recognize and never reward.  

Own it anyway.

Open your heart. Ask the hard questions. Then breathe.  Look in Jesus’ face. Feel His pleasure.

Your message matters. 

You matter.  

Business matters.

Let’s stop shrinking from God’s call on our lives, and go change the world.

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