What is Soul Flourishing Community?

A weekly time, space, and place for your own soul care,
so you can serve others from a full cup.

Serving, loving, and pouring into others
is an incredible privilege, but…

In this pressure-cooker world, it’s hard not to be:

  • Overwhelmed by all the things there are to do
  • Depleted by people’s endless demands
  • Discouraged, with no time for relaxation & fun
  • Distracted, drained, and feeling increasingly
     from God

    Flourish From the Inside-Out


    Imagine a sacred place where you can

    • Cultivate a deeper intimacy with God
    • Experience true community
    • Enjoy Jesus’ unforced rhythms of grace
    • Align your time with what matters most
    • Let God fill your soul so you can serve from a full cup

    Our Schedule

    6-Month Experience 

    About Soul Flourishing

    Soul Flourishing Journey

    Together we’ll capture and live out God’s vision for flourishing from the inside out. 

    Living at the fountain of God’s ever-flowing grace.

    Walking moment-by-moment with God in sustainable & repeatable ways.

    Recognizing and embracing the unique contributions God created you to make.

    Pouring out without burning out as we walk in Jesus’ unforced rhythms of grace.

    Soul Flourishing In-Person Retreat

    Join us in the beautiful Appalachian Mountians for a four-day retreat!

    Additional Soul Flourishing Benefits

    Monday Morning Prayers

    Beautiful three-minute video prayer delivered to your email each Monday morning to prepare our hearts for God to work.

    Free Coffee Conversations

    One-on-one coffee conversations are available with Kim or Michelle so that we can know and pray for you!

    Custom Weekly Sketchnote

    Reinforce and reflect on what God is doing with weekly custom-designed Sketchnotes from Susan Fleming.

    It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and Michelle on a deeper level during this Soul Flourishing Community experience.  I didn’t know quite what to expect, but it checked every box I would have hoped for.  Thank you for all the prayer, time, and effort you put into creating such a rich and unique soul ‘flourishing’ experience.  I feel that my life has been enriched deeply because of it.


    To me, the Soul Flourishing experience has meant peace. Reflection.  A deliberate, scheduled time to allow God to speak, through Kim, Michelle, and other members of the cohort by a word or a picture.  One morning prior to our gathering I had penned in my journal asking God if all the little things I had done mattered.  During our all too brief time together Michelle says to all of us, “Every little thing you do matters.” She then used a story and picture that underscored what she had affirmed.  I thanked God for that moment and have shared her illustration countless times with friends and clients.  The group makes an invaluable contribution to my own well-being.

    Denis Keith Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer
    Denis Keith

    Soul Flourishing provided time, space, and prompting to be still and tune into what God is doing in my life. Taking time for my own soul care is essential to be able to serve others. It enables me to be more in tune with the Holy Spirit’s leading and empowering rather than relying on my own wisdom and strength. That allows me to be more present, authentic, and safe. It helps me remember that God has invited me to join him in his work, rather than me trying to convince him to join me in mine.

    Jim Stone DMin, PCC
    Jim Stone

    Intentionally investing in my soul care is filling up my fuel tank for God’s purposes in my life. He created me to need Him, His strength, rest, love, and peace.
    I can’t serve others without Him. I am useless to others on empty!

    Maureen A. Stone Ed.D., PCC
    Maureen A. Stone

    The Soul Flourishing Community has been a super meaningful experience.  The weekly gatherings around Christ-centered conversation and reflection have brought peace, calm, and clarity for where the Lord is leading in and through me. Having a community of “people helpers” is essential to sustain, refresh, and grow. I’m so grateful for the invitation to join.

    Mark Ross Coach, Thought Partner, Artist
    Mark Ross

    Soul Flourishing Facilitators

    Kim Avery

    Kim Avery

    Michelle Mullins

    Michelle Mullins

    Kim Avery

    Kim Avery

    Michelle Mullins

    Michelle Mullins

    Cost & Registration

    Your investment in six months of Soul Flourishing is only $297 a month.*

    *This includes your retreat costs & meals for Thursday night dinner, Friday & Saturday lunch & dinner, and Sunday morning breakfast. Travel and accommodations are not included. (If for some reason you are unable to attend our retreat, your monthly investment will stay the same.)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is the Soul Flourishing Community experience?

    Our group will last 6 months. This allows us to truly move at the pace of grace, savor God’s presence, and explore new paths for ongoing flourishing in all areas of your life: spiritual, personal, relational, and professional.

    How many people will be in the group?

    The Soul Flourishing Community will be limited to 15 participants (in addition to our facilitators.)

    Who is this NOT for?

    1) If your primary focus in this season is on business and financial growth, those things need your full attention, and this will not be a good fit for you at this time.

    2) If you are unwilling to dedicate 6 months to this experience, this won’t be a good fit.

    3) If you want a quick fix or easy answers, this won’t be the ideal group for you.

    I may have a scheduling conflict. What if I cannot be there LIVE or participate in the group all 3 meetings each the month?

    Life happens and we understand. Commitment to going through this together is an important part of the journey. We do ask you to do your best to join us but if you cannot join us LIVE, we will be happy to send you a recording and will joyfully expect your return the following week.

    What if I can't attend the retreat, can I still take part in the group?

    Yes! We realize that traveling to a retreat location may not be possible for everyone, and we totally understand. You are welcome in our group, and we will seek to maximize your Soul Flourishing experience in every possible way.

    How long is the Soul Flourishing Community experience?

    Our group will last 6 months. This allows us to truly move at the pace of grace, savor God’s presence, and explore new paths for ongoing flourishing in all areas of your life: spiritual, personal, relational, and professional.



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