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Do You Use These Four Marketing Strategies?

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There is an unwritten “rule” in coaching that says the client should be talking 80% of the time and the coach only 20%. That’s good, because coaching is client-centered.

Marketing is no different.

80% of your marketing time should be spent directly with your potential clients, focusing on them. This is called active marketing. The other 20% of your time, passive marketing, can be spent working on your website, tagline, brochure and more.

The good news is that you don’t need a bushel full of online and offline active marketing strategies that keep you running all the Internet or all over town.

Instead, choose a few, effective, strengths-based strategies to use consistently and then stick with them for the long haul.

Some broad categories of strategies to consider are…

    1. Direct contact and follow-up – This involves one-to-one connection with a prospective client. It is personal. Meet with them face-to-face or personalize a letter by using their name and touching on something you know they are interested in.
      Using direct contact is time consuming, so while this a great way to initiate relationships, consider using other strategies for follow-up.
    2. Networking and referral building – True networking and referral building consists of contacting and following-up with previous contacts and potential referral partners – people who are already connected with your target market. Some common methods are attending meetings, seeking out people who serve the same niche, participating in online communities, having lunch or coffee, volunteering, etc.
    3. Public speaking – This may be one of the most leveraged ways to grow your business because it uses the one to many principle. Begin by contacting civic groups or other organizations that regularly use free speakers. From there you can move up to paid speaking engagements.
    4. Writing – Even if you’ve never been published before, writing is an option for you. Articles, columns, blogs, ezines and that of others all offer good ways to get your name in front of people.

What two or three active marketing strategies are you going to use consistently?


  1. Frank Mason

    Today, with absolutely perfect timing, I received an invitation to a networking event for “mature enterprise”… entrepreneurs over the age of 50! Thankyou Lord, who provides whatever we need just at the right time!

    I’ve booked my place, I’ll order business cards this afternoon, and next Monday evening I will be networking with dozens of potential clients!

  2. Mary Lou Caskey

    Thanks Kim, I regularly use direct contact and networking.

  3. Kinsey

    It is very encouraging to learn that the things I enjoy most are the most beneficial to building a business. Sometimes I feel the pressure to get my website up and do all those passive marketing things. It’s a relief to know that I actually am marketing by doing what I already do.

  4. Charles Hooper, Jr.

    I contacted a third web designer to interview his approach to designing a web site. I like the 80/20 rule because it would be so easy to switch those percentages and wait for clients to find me.

  5. Sandra

    Thanks Kim! it’s amazing how many possible networking opportunities there are in our area now that I’m really looking for them.

  6. Renee

    Thanks, Kim. This is getting the wheels of my brain turning about potential contacts when I travel out of state. Freezing rain froze wheels of brain!

  7. Oge

    I love writing and have done some public speaking which I also enjoy so will continue to use these. I do however need to increase my networking and I am looking at different ways of doing this. Today I sent an email to a contact who I hope will help me put on a workshop for my target group.

  8. Kim Hawkins

    Day 8: Today I’m still working a script for an audio e-mail series; my goal is to have it complete by Friday 4/19. I’m also working on a list of contacts for creating a new chapter for the Christian Women’s SBA here in the Rio Grande Valley.

  9. Laurie Fontana

    I plan to use public speaking and Networking, with a long term goal of writing.

    I have an inquiry call this morning with a perspective client! Prayers please.

  10. kerry reddick

    I am using speaking/workshops as a platform for team coaching and leadership training with the hopes of those who will resonate and desire to work with me one on one! I have a workshop Friday… prayers please too!!!

  11. Deirdre Burton

    Followed up coaching contacts today. One by phone for regarding health & wellness coaching. The second by email regarding online marketing opportunity as a wellness coach.

  12. Holly Brand

    Hi everyone. Kim, I really like the focused nature of this 15-day marketing challenge. What a great exercise to go through to move my thoughts into action. The three main active ways that I intend to pursue a direct connection with potential clients are public speaking, writing blog, and attending meetings/conferences. I have been a speaker for about 10 years and I really enjoy the opportunities to bring God’s Word and encouragement. I have been too passive, though, in waiting for invitations to come rather than actively pursuing them (might have something to do with having three babies in that time-frame :-). I will, via facebook and a new blog, begin “inviting more invitations.”

  13. Lisa

    My consistent pattern of active marketing steps are 1) networking;and 2) writing my blog. I then tweet and link the blog to my Facebook business page. My Facebook traffic is increasing…slowly, but is increasing.
    My action step today is contacting the women who are change agents at various churches in our community to raise awareness of my summer book group to their women. We are all connected through Social Media (small town!) but I believe a personal invitation to the leaders at each church will help get them talking it up with their women.

  14. Laurie, LegWork Résumés and Career Services

    Wrote some thank you notes to clients I recently worked with and posted an article on some social media sites. Haven’t missed a day yet!

  15. MaryAnn

    This 80-20 rule of thumb has really helped me keep the passive marketing in more reasonable time boundaries. I think it’s also forced me to be more focused within my 20% time to not follow rabbit trails!

  16. Sheila Kale

    Thanks Kim. The active part is really the most gratifying part and the whole reason we are coaches and not something else. It is the people. Today, I sent a personal message to a former client and made contact for another.

  17. Barbara Solsaa

    Worked on my paperwork to be handed out at my presentation on Friday (passive) and responded to clients recommending other clients (active). Also worked on presentation for Thursday and Friday…

  18. Mark Thomas

    Kim, Thankyou for the reminder to market from our strengths. Just because others are doing it does not make it effective for me. I spent some time today evaluating myself to make sure I am connecting with people using those strengths.

  19. Karen Pyne

    Day 8: I spent time today working on web content. Networking and referral building is where I need to spend the bulk of my active time right now. Writing is a strength so that will be a big part of my communication pieces.

  20. Pam Taylor

    Writing & Networking/Referral Building are my most commonly used ways to actively market. Today, I spent time on twitter search looking for overwhelmed moms to connect with. And signed up for two “communities” for moms. //Also re-read Kim’s Marketing Mistakes NOT to Make today! It’s stunning how quickly I forget what I knew.

  21. Kristin Franks

    I’m so excited about an active marketing strategy I used tonight! I had the chance to do an “intro to coaching” call with a potential client. I think the time I took to talk to her on the phone about coaching did the trick- she is now a client!!

  22. Leigh Ann Hudson, Shine Forth Life Coaching

    Making a group list of friends to send my Life Coaching FAQ. Working on cover note too!

  23. Shelli

    Day 8: What’s Margaret Thatcher got to do with marketing? Well, in my book – a lot. Her imprint and legacy have great personal meaning to many in my niche group. So when they got up at 3 a.m. to witness her funeral, so did I because that’s where they were ‘hanging out’. I’ve learned that if it’s important to them, it’s important to me (see Patrick Lencioni’s book “Getting Naked: A Biz Fable About Shedding Fears that Sabotage Client Loyalty”). From Kim’s list of mktg strategies, I employ most of them but at different cycles dictated by the legislative seasons. This afternoon I finished the second post in a 3-part blog series and made appointments to revisit a former client and a potential client this weekend. A good day!

  24. Kristianne Wargo

    OMGoodness!! What a wonderful whirlwind if progress. So much is happening fast, I truly believe God is leading. However, my “human” mindset, sometimes tries to overcompensate with “earthly reasoning”. I am amazed and reminded how God is faithful! Praise The Lord. I continue to pray for guidance. These past few days have been productive. Completed one certification needed to obtain another certification. I also discovered another website possibility. My logo is in draft stage. Woohoo! So fun….that’s my creative side. My offices have been decluttered. Further, I began researching a camera for filming. My blog highlights are defined. Now it’s time to put the puzzle pieces together. I’m overwhelmed and energized!

  25. Glenna Hiett

    I am inspired by reading your posts, articles and the blogs from other Christian Coaches. From the list of 12 Marketing strategies you provided, I began with #1, I began categorizing my contacts and creating an email list. I didn’t realize how disorganized my contacts were! (not going to be complete in 20-30 minutes).

    I am sure this will benefit me when I get into writing my newsletter! I sure did need the 15-day Challenge to push me forward. Thanks, Glenna

  26. Mark Myers

    Day 8: The ‘connection’ created with a new client today might have doubled my revenue from that client and may have created more referent power with him than I’ve experienced in a ‘first session’ with a client ever before. Before he ‘hired me’, he was very skeptical about how a coach might could help him. Unless I totally misread him today, I believe he sees the value much more clearly. When he got up from the table today, he walked away with much more confidence than when he walked into the room. On days when I don’t feel my coaching is simply ‘up to par’, God reminds me of my calling and affirms my ability with coaching experiences like this today.

  27. Pamela Schoettler

    I have used #3 to get a list of #1. My action for today then is to use that info. and actually call or at least email. My info. is written and needs to be put into computer for group & personal access. I need to get past getting bogged down with that process, is there an easy way to do that?.
    Viewed ’12 quick ways to jump-start marketing’. Fascinating list that seems to need the 80% to get 20% going, then I hope it snowballs to reverse the time %.

  28. Kathy Cordell

    My niche market is hard to reach and I am currently writing a book that will help me reach women so they can get the help they need. I am also doing some radio interviews but I know writing will be a main source of marketing. I love writing but freeing up the time for this project is now my challenge.

  29. Shelly Guernsey

    Thank you for the reminder to focus more of my time on my ideal client. I will begin today!

  30. Cristina

    Going to build my business through networking and referral building, also by writing – but I have a hard time figuring out where to offer my articles/stories. Will research that too.


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