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God Has Big Plans for You

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Flash Back: December, 2006
I sat hunched down in my office chair gripping the phone so tightly I thought it might break. Should I really share this out loud? This precious, grandiose, take-my-breath-away, who-do-you-think-you-are vision that God had laid on my heart?

I glanced down one more time at the scribbled diagram in my journal. Yep, it was still there… the culmination of months of sitting with the Lord asking Him to show me what His plans were for me and this new thing called coaching.

God’s plans for this Little, ol’ Miss Nobody from Nowhere, me.

The scrawled drawing looked a bit like a backwards arrow. At the broad end was the hurting, needy world I desperately wanted to help.

Backing up one step was an army of Christ-saturated, joy-filled, purpose-driven influencers, coaches, & entrepreneurs, sowing seeds of joy, strengthening weak arms, and equipping tired hearts.

Of course, that’s where I thought I would be.

But I wasn’t.

Further back, deeper-in, barely visible was a much smaller group, and I was among them. The Lord whispered to my heart, that’s where I want you to be.

An influencer of influencers.

Completely crazy. Totally unrealistic. But in its own way, so God.

At the time, I was in one of my life coach training classes and my assigned Peer Coach was on the other end of the phone. Our assignment was to share our life visions, so, I took a deep breath and spoke.

Thankfully, my Peer Coach didn’t laugh. Instead, she drew me out. Asked wise questions. And as I listened to my own words, I learned and leaned in.

But when we were done, I took that crazy, pie-in-the-sky vision and filed it away. After all, it was just a dream, and frankly, I doubted it would ever come true.

Fast Forward: December 2018
Out of nowhere, this memory bubbled up for me today.

I smiled and imagined that God smiled too. It’s amazing what He has done. Through teaching, speaking, podcasting, and most of all coaching, against all odds, God’s given me the extraordinary opportunity to influence amazing people, such as yourself, who are partnering with God to change the world.

And that memory, that moment, that vision is what brings me to this email today.

God’s Vision for You
What’s your vision? The one God is giving you?

Does it seem too big? Too grand? Too far out of reach?

Or perhaps it’s foggy. Unclear, as if God is skywriting words that evaporate before they are even done.

Whatever the case, I have an invitation, and it’s just for you.

Your Future Is Now
I want to help you give your business a gift this Christmas season. The gift of a long, healthy, and profitable life for this business that God’s called you to build.

And to do that, I have an incredible opportunity and a FREE gift FOR YOU. I’ll explain both below.

Early Bird Special: Marketing Momentum
The early bird special is now open for the premier six-month, all-inclusive Marketing Momentum program that exists to train, inspire, and equip Christian coaches to achieve extraordinary success. It combines…

  • Step-by-step instructions for every part of your business-building journey available 24/7 on-demand (video, audio, written for every learning style)
  • Weekly group coaching for ongoing support and motivation
  • Monthly Live Master Classes to continue equipping you for your every need
  • An amazing online community with other new and experienced coaches
  • Monday Morning Motivational audios sent weekly to your inbox to inspire and equip
  • Fun contests and challenges to keep the journey interesting every step of the way
  • And much, much, much more…

In fact, I’m so committed to helping you succeed as a Marketing Momentum member, I’ll even personally promote you through my “Saturday Shout-Outs” and/or Remarkable Coach interviews.

You can learn more or sign-up with our easy, Early Bird payment plan at

Virtual Vision Retreat: FREE Bonus Gift
As an early, early bird bonus for coaches signing up for the January Marketing Momentum program, I’m hosting a small, intimate virtual visioning retreat in January. It will be a delightful, fun, challenging, clarifying way to sketch out your 2019.

I’d LOVE for you to come and begin your year and your Marketing Momentum journey with some wind beneath your wings.

This Virtual Vision Retreat is ONLY available to those who sign-up for Marketing Momentum by Christmas Day. After that, this bonus goes away.

God has great plans for you and for the impact He wants you to have on the world. Together let’s lean in, listen, and make 2019 the year it all comes true.

Again, you can get more information about both opportunities at, and if you have any questions, let’s talk. Just shoot me an email at


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