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When God Says Go… (and you want to stay)

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Hunched over, head bowed, spirit seeking, I prayed, Lord, what do you want to impress on my heart?

Although I shouldn’t have been, I was a little startled when God answered so directly. So quickly. So succinctly.

Of course, God always hears and answers prayer, but Chris McCluskey and I were just finishing up one of our High Impact Mastermind Retreats, and this final commissioning moment was supposed to be all about them – the coaches we were there to serve.

But when Chris said to bow our heads and pray, I did. And God answered by laying one, simple two-letter word on my heart.


The sense was so clear. So direct. So strong. I almost got up to start moving. Go where? When? To whom? Why?

“Go to coaches & entrepreneurs. Be bold. Be brave. Go.”

Initially, I was confused. In many ways, this was nothing new. For years, that’s the calling God’s been continually pressing on my heart and mind.

But in deeper ways, I knew exactly why God was reminding me to “go.” It’s because this girl really, really likes to “stay.”

I like to stay at home where people know me and like me, with people I don’t annoy.

I like to stay in my comfort zone, where I’m safe from failure, embarrassment, rejection, and looking like a fool.

And most of all, I like to stay in a fantasy world where people who want to work with me, go out of their way to find me. Then, they dial-up, step-up, and sign-up without having me having to do a thing. Easy-peasy.

Completely unrealistic and unworkable, but hey, this girl can dream.

But that single word “go” landed deep and implanted itself in my heart.

Returning home from the retreat, I started praying and studying, and not surprisingly discovered a wealth of Biblical history and meaning behind that simple word.

Who Goes?
First, let’s get some context. All over the world, in small towns and big cities a human protocol that transcends language, culture and time is this: the “lesser” goes to serve the “greater.”

After all, the King is much too important to step down, slog to the stables, and dirty his royal robes just to meet the farmer. No, the farmer is supposed to go to the King.

It just makes sense. The person who is in need should accommodate the one he wants help from.

God Goes
Yet in God’s upside-down kingdom, God does just the opposite. He leaves a glorious heaven where He’s surrounded by never-ceasing praise to accommodate and go to mankind.

In the Garden of Eden, God sought out the sinners and called them by name.

In ancient Israel, God’s glory came down to dwell in a building made by men.

In Bethlehem, the King really did travel from the throne room to inhabit a dirty barn.

Jesus could have built a palace and asked sinners to come up, clean up, and line up just for an audience with Him, but He didn’t. He gave up His comfort, ease, reputation, and life to go.

To them. To us.

Christians Go
And in His typical counter-cultural way, God commands us to do the same.

God commanded Jonah to leave his safe, secure, comfortable home to go share God’s love with the most barbaric people on earth.

God told Jeremiah to go give a message to people who would not listen to him.

Paul risked life and limb to share God’s love with an angry mob who was waiting to carry him away.

Coaches and Entrepreneurs Go
While I’m certainly not a missionary in the formal sense of the word, in that prayerful moment, God reminded me that as a coach and entrepreneur I’m still on mission for Him.

He’s given me wisdom, experiences, knowledge, and skills so that I’ll pass them on to others for the common good. (I Cor. 12:4-7)

And while this type of “going” doesn’t always involve travel, it does require:

  • Setting aside my own comfort and ease
  • Being intentional about the use of my time
  • Risking rejection to share what I do
  • Reaching out to others who may (or may not) want to hear what I have to say
  • Learning new skills and improving everyday
  • And more…

We Are to Go
Any quick glance in the Bible will tell you that as a coach or entrepreneur with gifts to share, He’s called you to do the same. To go.

But there’s no need to get overwhelmed. After all, we have the God of the Universe who’s promised He’ll be with and provide for us every single step of the way.

All He is really asking is that we trust Him and do the ONE next thing.

So, here’s the next logical question. Where can we find the people who need what we have, and after they get to know us and trust the value we provide, are willing to pay? (By the way, if you ever need a great definition of a God-centered, profitable business model, just reread the question above.)

But, back to the question. Where are our next clients?

I know exactly where they are, or at least the first 2 billion of them, and that should be enough for us to get started 😀.

As with all callings, finding them will require setting aside a teeny-tiny bit of comfort and ease. Being intentional about our time. Risking slight rejection. Reaching out to others, a few of whom may not want to hear from us. Learning new skills and growing every day. But that’s a good thing, because it’s EXACTLY what God has called us to do.

If you haven’t guessed by now where these 2 billion potential clients of yours and mine are, I’ll share. They are on Facebook. And most of them are there 8 times a day. 8 times. Every. Single. Day.

Why? They are there looking for help. Desperate for encouragement. Wanting just a taste of what God has given you and me.

Let’s GO find them. Seek them out. Serve them. Love on them. Show them ways they can access our professional services to get even more.

Here’s How to Reach Them
How? I’m so glad you asked. Knowing that being active on Facebook as a business can be a lot like learning a new language and traveling to a foreign land, the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and I are partnering together to offer you a 100% free “Facebook for Business: Beginner’s Bootcamp.”

It’s a 10-day guided experience that will help you bridge the gap between you and your next client.

This Beginner’s Bootcamp will take place in a private, pop-up (temporary) Facebook Group, where you’ll take one simple step each day.

During Week 1, you’ll learn:

  • An easy FB Business Page template to use
  • How to write a compelling, concise bio
  • Where to find and connect with your ideal clients
  • Sources for free images

Best of all, you’ll also receive ten prewritten fill-in-the-blanks templates of post prompts to get you ready to start posting.

During Week 2 of our Beginner’s Bootcamp, you’ll post once a day on your brand new (or recently revived) FB page, comment and like other relevant FB pages, and watch your confidence and connections grow.

Remember, it’s all free, and it’s been designed just for you, the God-Centered Coach and Entrepreneur.

Our Facebook Business Bootcamp starts October 29th, so sign-up here today.


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