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How Committed Are You to Wow?

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[Platform Online Book Study]  Mediocrity is NOT an option. There is too much at stake. Mediocrity is natural. It’s common. It’s even expected. But it doesn’t have to be inevitable.

In this day and age of blending in, getting by, and giving up, we must actively resist the gravitational pull of going with the flow.

As Christian coaches, we want more than mediocre. We want to be extraordinary.

That will take a lot of hard work. We’ll have to be intentional, “planful” and prayerful. But let’s make it non-negotiable.


Coaching Benefits Clients

People who are coached live better lives. They are more purposeful, creative, loving, God-centered and servant-minded. Our world needs these kinds of people.

Coaching Benefits Coaches

Coaches who are actively coaching are energized, renewed and full of joy. As they live out their calling they are creating a ripple effect that will touch tens, hundreds and thousands of lives with the beauty of a life lived in submission to God.

Extraordinary Coaching Takes Commitment

Coaching is worth a wow! So here is the commitment I choose to make…

I will…

hand holding pen isolated on white background…make sacrifices. I will do all that I can to help those God has called me to serve even when the cost is high.

…listen to God and obey. I will swim upstream, ignore the culture and resist the pressure of doing what I’ve always done. Following God’s whisper has flattened city walls, killed giants and put enemy armies to flight. God still speaks, and I will obey.

…speak out. I will publicly proclaim God’s power for people through coaching. And I will bold declare His power to help Christian coaches succeed.

…be extraordinary. For Kim Avery, mediocrity is not an option. It is the Lord God that I serve. I will give Him my best. It is then His to use as He wills.

Mediocre is natural, but it is optional. I choose to live a different way.

Will you join me? Please leave a comment below.


  1. Patti

    Wow Kim, you really are waking up early these days – 4:23 am! I’m combining WOW with my recent reading on taking the stairs. WOW means I will make the harder more disciplined choice, rather than the easier. I will stick with the project I’m developing until it is WOW because my clients deserve it and I want to be proud of what I offer as a coach. I want it to really have an impact and make a difference. Thanks for encouraging us to read this excellent resource.

    • Kim Avery

      Hi Patti –

      Awesome. I love your commitment to making the harder choices and going the extra mile for your clients. I know they will appreciate it and God will honor it.

      I can tell that working with you would be a ‘wow.’

  2. Matthew Reed

    Great encouragement today Kim!
    For me the WOW comes from continually adding to my ‘coaches tool kit’. I’ve been coaching for a relatively short period of time so I’ve felt a need to read, and study to make sure I have great things to offer my clients.

    • Kim Avery

      Hi Matt,

      Ah, you are singing my tune. I enjoy researching and staying on top of the latest tools, techniques and trends so that my clients don’t have to. Good for you!

  3. Kim Hawkins

    I love your commitment to excellence Kim. Your willingness to continually seek knowledge and share it with others is remarkable. I read “Platform” at the suggestion of another life coach before you started this group and love the insights your are honing in on. You lead by example and there’s nothing mediocre about you! You WOW me!

    • Kim Avery

      Hi Kim,

      Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. You have blessed me.


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