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I’m Retiring… yikes

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I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m retiring.

My fingers are shaking even as I declare this out loud, but here goes…

I’m retiring from 75% of what I’ve done for the last 12 years, discontinuing Marketing Coaching, and closing my most popular-ever coaching program, Marketing Momentum.

Of course, I plan to continue supporting amazing coaches and entrepreneurs, like you, in the incredible work you do, but in new and deeper ways. (I’m super excited about this next season.)

But first, I feel God is calling me to wrap up this current season well.

This is both a terrific and terrifying step, and truthfully, no one is more surprised than me. But, where God leads, I always want to follow.

So, I wanted to let you know I’m retiring 12 years worth of amazing marketing courses/templates/tools/materials.

Get the entire Marketing Momentum
Course Package
before it goes away for good

About Marketing Momentum
Marketing Momentum has over 25 separate courses that contain almost everything you need to succeed in building your coaching business.

It’s both a high-end course (that you can follow step-by-step) and a rich resource vault (that you can dip into whenever you need something) all in one.

As a high-end course, you can…
✔️ Follow the step-by-step roadmap

✔️ Enjoy the bite-sized tutorials

✔️ Stay on track with checklists

✔️ Take the action steps

✔️ Track & celebrate your progress

As a rich resource vault, you can…
✔️ Get instant access to every tutorial

✔️ Start wherever its best for you

✔️ Look up just the information you need when you need it

✔️ Have it available 24/7 to use at your own pace

Why Retire Marketing Momentum
I LOVE this program. I’ve spent the past 12 years of my life making this the “best-in-class” all-in-one Christ-Centered Marketing program on the planet.

It’s practical. It’s engaging. And it’s too good to go to waste.

Yet, for me to continue to update it and keep it fresh would take too much time away from the next steps that God is calling me to pursue.

So, in a “burn the bridges” move, for one month only, I’m offering all this amazing content to you so that you can build your successful coaching business as you partner with God to change the world.

For a limited time only, before it goes away for good, you can get the ENTIRE online program for one low price.

That’s right. Pay one payment of $797 and get access to ALL 25 courses. This is less than ½ of what the six-month Marketing Momentum program normally costs.

Feel free to take a sneak peek at those courses here and don’t forget to check out the fine print at the bottom of that page`.

Sneak Peek Here

Here’s How it works:

1. Pay a one-time fee of $797. You can use a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

2. Check your email to confirm payment and receive your access information.

3. Log in to the online Marketing Momentum program to get instant access to all the courses. (Although we will stop selling Marketing Momentum on 2/18, you will be able to access your program whenever you want, for as often as you want until 12/31/24.)

4. Be sure to check out the fine print and get answers to all your questions here.

Do this before it’s too late
Don’t forget, this offer is only good until midnight Eastern Time on February 18th.

Thank You
Whether you participate in this offer or not, thank you for the wonderful work you do in the world, and for being a part of my life.


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