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Coaches Are Vital

As this current economic tsunami washes over our world, coaches have an increasingly vital role to play. Gifted, talented, educated, and skilled, you are just what the world needs. Unfortunately, you can’t help if no one knows you are there.

Marketing Closes The Gap

Marketing closes the gap. Don’t panic – marketing is neither mysterious nor complex. It is simply telling people what you do, over and over and over. Whether through e-mail, blogging, social networking, speaking or more, clients will come as you consistently implement a few simple, effective marketing practices.

Set aside one hour a day for marketing activities. Just as the farmer takes time to plant seeds in the spring so that he can harvest in the fall, so the wise coach markets daily to ensure a year-round harvest of clients.

This proactive marketing approach will not only fill your practice, it will create space and reduce stress as you increasingly gain confidence in the future.

Remember, marketing is not an event; it is a lifestyle.

I’m curious. How much time do you set aside daily or weekly for marketing?


  1. Susan Fleming

    What a great reminder, Kim. Thanks. Sort of like flossing… it isn’t a once and done thing, and you can’t put it off and then do it all at once. Gotta do it daily for it to have a good effect.

    I like your short tips!


    • kimavery

      Hi Susan,

      I love your example of flossing. Marketing is just as essential but a whole lot more fun!


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