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Managing Progress & Accountability (ICF Competency #11) – Podcast #192

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If you get hooked by the performance trap when you’re coaching, tune in as we break down the nuances of ICF Competency #11: Managing Progress and Accountability. We’ll explore the short-term and long-term implications of this important competency, teach you how to deconstruct success, and pass along what you need to get moving in a positive direction so you can help other people grow and get results.

You’ll receive:

  • Success strategies designed to help you avoid the #1 mistake coaches make, so you can encourage a shift from confusion toward clarity
  • Top tools that will help you remain attentive to the client’s agenda so you can manage the process of coaching with a balance of grace and truth
  • Insights on how to handle a lack of action so you can acknowledge the gaps and celebrate successes, all while honoring the client’s choices

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