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Marketing Is Not Selling

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It was the best dinner we had in years. Our cozy table overlooked the lake and framed the setting sun. We indulged in an exquisite salad, piping hot breadsticks and a filet so tender I could cut it with my fork.

Unbelievable – all this in my little town of Winter Haven, FL. I am beyond excited. I can’t wait to tell everyone. I’ll post it on Facebook. And send out a tweet. And invite some friends to join me there for lunch… and… and… and…

When you find something this good, it has to be shared. Without paying me a penny, Frank & Manny’s Harborside Restaurant has a new marketer – me.

Just as spreading good news is as natural as breathing, marketing is simply telling people about a great thing so they can enjoy it too.

You have a good thing! You are a trained, professional coach, and coaching changes lives.

Through the power of coaching relationships are restored, teams are built, marriages are strengthened, time is redeemed, better careers are chosen, God is prioritized, clarity is achieved, goals are met and the list could go on and on.

Marketing is not selling. It’s not self-centered, manipulative or high-pressured. It is one person (you) who has discovered a great thing (coaching) and wants to share it with those who can benefit.

If you discovered the cure for cancer and no one knew, it wouldn’t do the world a bit of good. If I kept Frank & Manny’s Harborside Restaurant a secret, it would be self-serving and unkind.

If you don’t share with others the benefits that coaching can bring to their lives, how will they leverage this powerful tool?

Call a friend. Tell others the story. Give a gift to a stranger by letting them know what coaching can add to their lives.

Marketing is just sharing the good news of what you have found. What could be more natural than that?


  1. Kim Avery

    It’s Day 6 of our Challenge. Whether you are just beginning or have been with us from the beginning, I’m so glad you are here. God has been doing some amazing things in our participant’s lives and businesses as they look to Him to grow their businesses, and I know He will continue to do so.

    I pray that you will have a fabulous Monday as you market your business today. Please leave a comment and let me know how it is going.

    Many Blessings,


  2. Mark Myers

    Every Day’s A Wednesday! I know it’s Monday on the calendar, but in my world every day is a great day, and I look at each day as ‘Wednesday’. Hump Day (Wednesday)is my most productive day of the week. I don’t dread Wednesdays like I’ve done many times for Mondays. I don’t wake up on Mondays with a sense of ‘OMG – here we go again!’ Fridays don’t bring a ‘TGIF’ sigh of mental and physical exhaustion. So, what about today? Lots of good stuff planned: Meeting with a prospective client. Networking lunch meeting with a new business acquaintance. Exercise (new to me). Efficient follow up related to my appointments this week. Filing personal and business paperwork. Handling some technical issues with a new ‘tablet’ for my wife. Administrative stuff for the university. You may be thinking ‘mundane’ or ‘Yuuuuck!’. Not me, Every Day’s A Wednesday!

  3. MaryAnn

    “If you don’t share with others the benefits that coaching can bring to their lives, how will they leverage this powerful tool?” Exactly! Today, I am going to exercise some self-discipline, and follow up with a former client, and a potential client. I have recognized my resistance with follow up, especially when my initial “ask” didn’t yield a definitive response.

  4. Frank Mason

    Today I put out a blog post/facebook note, “Time for the TurnkeyCoach to Go Pro!” in which I wrote about coaching as a profession, and about my decision to enrol for an ACSTH programme and an MSc in Personal, Corporate and Executive Coaching. I have also tried my first “promoted posts” on facebook.

    This challenge is keeping my mind at working thinking about new ways to promote coaching and my own practice!

  5. Laurie Fontana

    So excited about my website. Should be up by weeks end! The prayer, work and gifts of many talented people have brought this piece of my marketing strategy into existence. I think one last proof this week and it’s complete!

    Hope to purchase my speech today! Have a peace about which one, but for some reason still dragging my heels. Pray that I will have complete confidence in my choice!

    Prayers out to each of you this morning as you start your week and commit to your goal! Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

  6. Shelly Guernsey

    Wow, I love the perspective you so clearly explained! We can breath easy knowing we are not “selling” but sharing. It’s up to them if they waht to partake. Thank you, Kim!

  7. Charles Hooper, Jr.

    Just finished reading Coaching for Christian Leaders by Linda J. Miller and Chad W. Hall. Enjoyed reading a book which supports ICF standards and has coaching perspectives from a Christian worldview.

  8. Mary Lou Caskey

    I am working on quite a few marketing projects today which include interviewing people as possible video stories.

  9. Oge

    Kim you make marketing sound so easy and so much more fun! This morning I replied an email from a coach who is part of a coaching group I belong to. There might be an opening for some speaking engagements if I partner with this coach and as I am trying to increase my public speaking, it seemed like a good opportunity to explore. Looking forward to seeing what comes from this. I also spent time formulating my marketing plan for the next three months so I can maintain focus. Mondays are my primary coaching day so when I am not coaching clients I spend time marketing.
    Have a blessed Monday everyone!

  10. Shelly S. Cantrell

    What a great perspective, Kim (re: “Just as spreading good news is as natural as breathing, marketing is simply telling people about a great thing so they can enjoy it too”)!

    Thanks for sharing this! It reminds me that there is Godly integrity in marketing.

  11. Kathy Cordell

    I spoke at a full-day woman’s conference last weekend in Wyoming. Throughout the day I was able to incorprate life coaching tips and knowledge about who I am and what I do as a coach. I also offered two months of life coaching as one of the silent auction items. People in rural states like Wyoming do not have much access to reliable help and the option of coaching by phone or Skype is a welcome find! Most people don’t even know what life coaching is much less how to go about finding a coach. We all benefit by bringing the knowledge of life coaching into the light so people know the option is available and highly effective.

  12. Laurie, LegWork Résumés and Career Services

    I responded to a job seeker on an online job search group who is looking for any job she can get.

  13. Nathan Kreger

    I’m working on starting to post on my blog again since it’s been awhile, and work toward consistently posting at least once per week. Also, still working on putting my challenge together…

  14. Glenna Hiett

    Lots of things are on the burner…I called my nephew who is an apple guru to ask his assistance in revamping my website to give it a new look and a lift. That was after I listened to all the podcasts (I had to figure out how to get those downloaded into my new Ipad. I asked my husband to listen to the podcast, “Branding”. I really appreciate all the information on those. Thanks for making those available!

  15. Glenna Hiett

    p.s. How do I leave a comment on Itunes? thanks,

  16. Anita Schamber

    Wow…Day 5 was reconnecting in meaningful ways with my group from Monday (Day 1). I was invited to write a blog re: part of a personal experience I shared with these women. I shared the thoughts with a church group the day before, so I understand Kim’s blog today about marketing coming about naturally at times. When people get excited about your passions, the connection continues.

  17. Anita Schamber

    Wow…the weekend involved reconnecting in meaningful ways with my group from Monday (Day 1). I was invited to write a blog re: part of a personal experience I shared with these women. I shared the thoughts with a church group the day before, so I understand Kim’s blog today about marketing coming about naturally at times. When people get excited about your passions, the connection continues.

  18. Anita Schamber

    Today and tomorrow I am rewriting my coaching business announcement for the Sheridan Chamber of Commerce. When I have sent it to the Chamber by e-mail, I get to arrange for a “ribbon cutting” ceremony where members don bright red jackets, come to my little office, and we get a splash and picture for the local newspaper. Small…but fun!

  19. Pamela Jackson

    Good reminders! Just like any business owner, we are first in the business of marketing and of selling. But I’m so relieved that I get to partner with God in that process! Knowing that it’s really His business anyway, it takes the pressure off (when I remember that). The Lord is bringing me opportunities that are clearly from His hand, not mine. So grateful.

  20. Michael Pfau

    Great reminder to always talk about the benefits!

  21. Patti

    I love promoting other businesses and make an effort to do so! Every other Monday is a day off ~ However when you know small things you can do, and you enjoy what you do, it’s not work! I had notices of new members attending our Christian Women’s Networking Event tomorrow night and new subscribers to the Newsletter, without even leaving the house! I love the internet!

  22. Holly Brand

    Well, Kim, thanks for making us all hungry! If only Frank & Manny’s Harborside Restaurant could move here, to lovely St. Louis. Of course then they would have to change “Harborside” to “Riverside” but it has a ring!

    I am learning that I have more resources at my fingertips that are absolutely free. I have had a barely-used facebook account for a while now but I am realizing more and more through the beginning of my coaching training that it is a powerful tool for marketing. Today I spent time reading about how to use it effectively and how to set up a business page. Thanks Kim!

  23. Kerry Iannone

    Today I reconnected with a woman who has been interested in coaching with me but has not made the commitment yet. I am praying that the Lord’s will be done in each of our lives in regard to this and doing my part in the interim. She hasn’t said “no” so that means she is considering it…

    I also had some one I know respond favorably to my new web site and email me with questions about coaching! I am learning to highlight the benefits of coaching as I share with people. They are able to relate to it better and certainly seem more interested as a result.

  24. Lisa

    I do have something to share; a story to tell. It’s good to be reminded of the simplicity of marketing as a coach. Thank you. My action today is writing an invitation to participate in a coaching group with a book focus. I will get the invite written and I desire to have enough time to post it on my blog and my business Facebook page.

    Once again, thank Kim for going the extra mile to help us in our business building efforts!

  25. Kinsey

    Love how you take the fear out of marketing. Thanks! Btw, got an email from You today

  26. Renee

    Benefit of having student presentations in class: I received a couple ideas that could translate into info for blog postings. I was very familiar with the content, but hadn’t thought of applying it to my target audience until I heard someone else present it.

  27. Teri Bailey

    I shared the benefits with a small business owner and he has hired me to coach his staff of 5 employees!! I’m so excited. He got the message and the benefits of coaching and wants to offer this as a benefit to his employees. God has placed the right people at the right time in my path! So very thankful!

  28. Pam Taylor

    Your restaurant illustration was helpful, Kim. Day 6, here I come! Today, I spoke with a friend about the Leading From Your Strengths assessments. She is one step closer. And I spoke with a current client about starting a group in June. She and her co-worker want me to do the Uniquely You: Discover Your Life Purpose again…in June. We need a few more people to make it a good group. But she requested it, so that is cool! 🙂

  29. Betty

    I reviewed a friend’s newsletter to get some ideas on content. She is self employed and does a great job in marketing. She blogs,send out a newsleter, post notes on her facebook page daily and writes articles on a regular basis. She conducts monthly seminars.

  30. Grant Porteous

    I’m loving the encouragement! The timing couldn’t have been more God! I just recommitted to my coaching practice, caught a fresh vision for re-starting, and along comes the piece I need to focus on first – putting a marketing plan in place! Thanks for everything! Blessings to you and yours! Grant Porteous, Intentional Design Coaching and Consulting

  31. Lucinda

    Working on content for blog and articles…happy with results!

  32. Leigh Ann Hudson, Shine Forth Life Coaching

    Listening to PCCI recordings learning about marketing options 🙂

  33. Karen Pyne

    Day 6: Great reminder, Kim! Today I made a contact for a resource that expands the benefits I can offer my clients. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to practice saying NO to participating in the music program at church which is something I have thoroughly missed being a part of the last few years. After reassessing my boundaries to support business growth, I had decided last week that my commitment to the prayer team was where I would focus my energies at our new church. Used my signature phrase and the response was really positive. No one’s feelings were hurt and I protected time for my business! YEA!!!

  34. Pamela Schoettler

    Day 6 I took my 1st action from your statement “coaching changes lives” and “benefits of coaching are” and made a lists of words that relate to- Parenting process’,…that one might want to change, a list to do:… for the Parent & or the kids:… and specific areas, subjects to be developed. This is so I can develop blogs, & have items to address in response to needs of parents in writing or verbally as advertising that is not selling, but solving.
    My second action was to view Mindset pt III and look up scriptures for God’s call to service and work in order to replace my negativity about selling.
    My comment is: servant-hood and sharing are what Christians are called to do, while the Holy Spirit imparts. Selling is for making someone think they need to do or buy something optional.

  35. Barbara Solsaa

    I can’t wait until I feel comfortable posting my website to this blog…bit by bit…in the meantime…I have scheduled a meeting this week with more clergy (my primary niche) and signed up for a credit card service to be able to accept such payments…baby steps, baby steps. It has amazed me how many God-inspired “coincidences” have occurred since beginning this latest journey. God is simply so incredibly good.

  36. Kristin Franks

    Thanks, Kim! I set up a coaching session with a new client this week by “sharing the good news” with them!

  37. Shelli

    Day 6: I love Mondays! It almost always piques my curiousity to see what will unfold by the week’s end. Met with a client over the weekend; she gave me a great idea for a free give-away for my 5th coaching biz anniversary. Did I mention that I love Mondays? 😉

  38. Charles Hooper, Jr.

    I filled out a 65 question worksheet my web designer provided so I could build the content for the new website. Fun process but hard work.


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