You trained to be a coach because you love coaching. You are good at what you do.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough.

To be successful, you need a steady stream of clients who are eager to work with you. You need a business, but building a business is hard.

We are surrounded by…

Information overload

Too many things to do

Too many decisions to make

Too many people and projects crying for our attention

John Ramstead, former Navy Fighter Pilot, Author, Leadership Coach, and International Podcast Host talks about Marketing Momentum.

Virtual Vision Retreat  

“Extra” Early Bird Bonus


On top of saving $200, early action-takers who enroll before 12/25 will be invited to our small, intimate Virtual Vision Retreat on 1/7.

It will be a delightful, fun, empowering, clarifying way to start your 2020. 

(Retreat will be recorded in case you can’t attend live.) 


I understand. A dozen years ago when I became a coach, I was completely blind-sided by the reality of business building. I hadn’t expected it, and I didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

Coaching was relatively new and there were no paths to follow and few guides to lead the way.

Things needed to change.

Flash forward a dozen years later, and here’s the good news.

You don’t have to go it alone. I designed the Marketing Momentum Program to give you…




Individual coaching sessions to set-up your own strategic plan.


Inspiration, wisdom, & support in lively weekly video group meetings.


No more guessing. Follow a proven route to success.


Ongoing support, prayer, and encouragement from a vibrant online community.



Jump start progress with Get Clients Now™ group.



Instant access to forms, worksheets, & templates so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


CLICK TABS below to explore course content


Includes Quick Start techniques, worksheets, and templates you can implement right away. You’ll learn…

» Where to quickly find eager and ideal clients

» Quick & easy strategies for reaching out

» How to get your first few referral partners

» How to double your results with one simple step

» How to use a word-for-word template to announce the opening of your coaching business


Online videos, audios, transcripts, interactive activities, and downloadable worksheets provide a rich and enjoyable learning experience.

Identify your ideal niche, communicate your authentic brand, create a winning website and more…

» Identify a viable and profitable niche that fits your values and interests

» Discover compelling ways to communicate your value and irresistibly attract new clients

» Learn how to build a website that will work for you even while you sleep.

» Uncover your unique and authentic brand so that you stand out from the crowd.


Online videos, audios, transcripts, interactive activities, and downloadable worksheets provide a rich and enjoyable learning experience.

Strategize helps you discover how to use your unique strengths to build a profitable business while serving those God has called you to serve.  You’ll…

» Follow a proven path to profitability

» Build a business model based on your strengths

» Learn the Find Your Leverage tool so you’ll never be stuck again

» Create an irresistible free offer so people can’t wait to sign-up to be on your list

» Learn how to use powerful public speaking designed to ‘wow’ the crowds

» Gain confidence and master your fear

» Get checklists, scripts, and more for writing your own Strategic Speech



Online videos, audios, transcripts, interactive activities, and downloadable worksheets provide a rich and enjoyable learning experience.


Systematize helps you multiply your efforts so you experience less stress and more success. You’ll…

» Discover the 5 key benefits to having a newsletter of your own

» Use your newsletter to leverage both time and money

» Find out what to include and what to do when you don’t have time to write

» Get a system for building your list that’s doable and effective

» Find out how to tap into the power of video marketing


Online videos, audios, transcripts, interactive activities, and downloadable worksheets provide a rich and enjoyable learning experience.

Create Multiple Streams of Income so you can…

» Take your impact and income to the next level with multiple streams of income

» Learn the 5 primary ways to package your content so that it will sell

» Earn passive income while you are doing other things

» Use the simple financial template to greatly expand your reach

» Start simple and expand along the way


Online videos, audios, transcripts, interactive activities, and downloadable worksheets provide a rich and enjoyable learning experience.

McGuigan headshotKim,
I just finished running some numbers on my achievements in the first half of the year. Some highlights below:
…..•19 new speeches given

…..•2 new workshops facilitated
…..•276 new LinkedIn connections
…..•4 new associations joined
…..•27 new clients

and…a 603% increase in revenue. I averaged more per month in the first half of the year than I made from June 1st-December 31st last year.
Thank you for all of your guidance, encouragement, and wisdom. I cannot wait to see where the next six months takes us!
Kris McGuigan, Marketing Momentum Member

Here’s How it Works

Six-Month Program begins the last week of January, 2020 
Tuesdays at 11:00 ET or Wednesdays at 2:00 ET

As a Marketing Momentum member, you’ll be a member of a six-month, full-service, proven program to help you build and grow your coaching practice.

Two Strategic Planning Sessions – You’ll begin your journey with an individual strategic planning call to help you map out your six-month vision and goals. You’ll receive an additional one-on-one individual session halfway through the program to celebrate your wins and tweak your vision and plan.

Get Clients Now™ Jump Start – Then you’ll jump start your progress with the six-week Get Clients Now™ program. In this part of Marketing Momentum, you’ll write, customize, and implement your first 28-Day Marketing Plan so you can begin getting clients right away. (All sessions will be recorded if you can’t make it live.)

Weekly Group Coaching – Your Marketing Momentum group will meet three times a month to give you support every step of the way.

The first three weeks of every month you’ll meet for 55 minutes to mastermind your way to success. These calls are LIVE but will be recorded if you can’t be present. You’ll be able to ask questions throughout the call and get the attention you need and deserve.

Your group will meet either Tuesdays at 11:00 AM ET or Wednesdays at 2:00 PM ET. Here are the respective schedules:  Tuesdays at 11:00 AM ET | Wednesdays at 2:00 PM ET

Monthly MasterClass – The fourth week of the month, you’ll receive timely training designed customized to meet your greatest need.

Monday Morning Motivation – Every Monday morning you’ll receive an audio delivered by email to help you start your week right.

Group Accountability – Monday morning goal-setting and Friday celebration opportunities are available in our online group to increase your motivation and accountability.

Online Video & Written Tutorials – Available on-demand 24/7, step-by-step Roadmap to Coaching Success training tutorials teach you everything you need to know to build a successful coaching practice. Accessible on your computer or mobile device, these tutorials provide the critical information you need to know, just when you need to know it.

  • Simple Quick Start Strategies
  • Clarify – Your Ideal Niche to maximize your impact and income
  • Strategize – Design a business model for profitability. Choose strengths-based strategies for success
  • Systematize – Streamline your processes with step-by-step tutorials for Creating a Website that Works for You, Developing a Client Attracting Newsletter, Produce an Irresistible Free Offer, and Powerful Public Speaking for Coaches
  • Multiply – Multiply your results by integrating multiple streams of income
  • Resource Vault – Move forward faster with targeted mini-trainings like:
    • Growing Your Business with Targeted Groups
    • Hosting Your First Virtual Challenge
    • LinkedIn for Coaches

Forms, Templates, and Worksheets: Pre-written forms, templates and worksheets help you get and keep your business up and running so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Unlimited email access to Kim for questions so you can continue to grow your business FAST! (for the full 6 months)

Need more help? – Marketing Momentum members always have the opportunity to scheduled individual coaching sessions with Kim at a discounted rate. Never be stuck again!

Many thanks for hosting this course. Transitioning from a very successful corporate career to starting a coaching business has been a massive adjustment for me. When I started the course, I was frankly a bit discouraged and had under-estimated the strength of my “marketing muscles”. The marketing gym membership with the personal trainer was just what I needed.

With all the clients I’ve now added (over 10), I now have a solid income from the business coming in. It feels really nice to no longer tap into my savings and get back into a place where we can be more generous financially. And to top it off, I love this work and the ability to really invest in others. The very best part is that this work draws me closer and closer to Jesus every day as we invite the Holy Spirit to speak to us — And He shows up! Each day He blows me away at the things he says to us. It’s so much fun.

Todd Olsen

As a new business owner and certified career coach, I’m participating in Kim’s Marketing Momentum Program, and it’s the best investment that I’ve made in my business thus far. Not only do I get to see Kim model effective group coaching, she continually provides research data on marketing strategies, her own marketing expertise, and endless best practices. Kim encourages, motivates and acts as a catalyst for me as I develop the most appropriate marketing strategies to fit my capabilities and style, while at the same time, stretching me in my growth areas. This program is so much more than I could have hoped for!

Darlene Lee, CCMC

Working with Kim in the marketing momentum program has increased my exposure by filling the pipeline and seeing how by interviewing a referral partner has opened up an opportunity to share his pulpit with him for 5 weeks which led to a speaking engagement for women’s ministry, then to speaking at a school on bullying. My pipeline is filling and I have seen some fruit, but the exposure is amazing. I have also been asked to speak on iheartmedia on bullying. Thank you Kim for encouraging me to be patient and use the process set out in your marketing program. I look forward to seeing what He has in store!

Janelle October

Your marketing momentum class is extraordinary! Finally, after years of trying to “do it on my own”, I got traction! Your teaching and coaching have given me direction. Your “everything is an experiment” mindset enabled me to move out of a continual learn-only mode and launch me into action. Of course, the accountability from you and my classmates helped too. Before I felt confident I borrowed your confidence in me – yes, I really did feel it personally. Your belief in me helped me push through my fears into action.

Janet Janke

Kim, I just want to tell you THANK YOU! Thank you for providing me (us) with so much value and content and direction and information! Every time I “subscribe” to some bright shiny thing, I always come back to the solid advice and wisdom you give me. It’s like you are sitting in my living room telling me what to do and cheering me on. Thank You Kim! Is is okay to say I want to grow up and be like you? To provide my clients with so much great value for them to use.

Theresa Prim

Virtual Vision Retreat  

“Extra” Early Bird Bonus


On top of saving $200, early action-takers who enroll before 12/25 will be invited to our small, intimate Virtual Vision Retreat on 1/7.

It will be a delightful, fun, empowering, clarifying way to start your 2020. 

(Retreat will be recorded in case you can’t attend live.) 

lcetheridge1I REALLY wish I had known about this program sooner and am now trying to share it with all my serious-about-making-a-living-doing-coaching buddies.

I’ve calculated that IF this had been around when I began to get serious about the business side of coaching, and IF I had known about it, and IF I had done this first before trying to do it alone, I would have probably saved over $5,000 and been 2 years farther down the road then I am now with establishing my business.

Kim Avery has this 6 month group called Marketing Momentum and it’s awesome!!

Kim did not ask me to write this… in case you’re wondering.  I just wanted to get it out to my buddies because I am convinced it is one of THE VERY BEST things you can do for yourself, as a business owner, and your coaching business.

Laura-Catherine Etheridge, Leadership Coach

Who this program is NOT for

No matter how eager you are to have your coaching business succeed, please do NOT join us if you…

Are looking for a get rich quick method. There is no such thing. (It can take years before your coaching business can fully support you.)

Don’t have time and energy to commit to the program and also to the effort that building a business takes.

Aren’t ready to take action. This is a community of hard working, positive Christ-followers who are serious about coaching success.


Limited Time EARLY BIRD Pricing

One Time Payment

Regularly: $1997      

Early Bird: $1797

Choose Your Group

Six Easy Payments

Regularly: $365      

Early Bird: $299

Choose Your Group

See what others are saying about Marketing Momentum.

Feel free to ask. I want to help in any way that I can.


Ask Kim

I want you to be 100% delighted with the information and attention you receive in the Marketing Momentum Program. If you attend the sessions and do the work and still aren't satisfied, I am more than happy to refund your money anytime within the first 30 days.


 The Marketing Momentum program delivers as promised — I have accomplished more in the last 30 days then I have in the past two years!

Michelle Mullins

I need to act on my nudging to testify about Marketing Momentum…My coaching business brand has been “in process” for almost 3 years..2 client to date with a grand income total of $750. I was spinning my wheels with lots of courses, lots of busyness but rarely had any results. I’ve brought together all those parts and pieces into a system thanks to Kim’s system. I only regret that I didn’t join in sooner. MM is a blessing. If you are still only thinking about it all I can say is – quit the excuses you are coming up with – this program is the best out there! Sign me – “wish I had done this sooner”. Kim Avery, you are a blessing in so many ways!

Cheryl Kaiser

Kim, being in the Marketing Momentum group gave me purpose and focus and helped keep me happy in a profound way as I sought to add value to others’ lives. Your encouragement and all the resources you have made available have given me something to feast on…Now I have a focus not only for my ministry/business, but also for my own life in many ways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Judy Bucklin

I can’t express how much this Marketing Momentum experience has meant to me. I have been able to do the one thing I wanted the most: gain clarity on my niche and learn how to communicate without coming off like some “used car salesman.” You continue to pour into me valuable insights that will produce wisdom and profit to me as I grow in this entrepreneurial adventure.

Ray Davis

Marketing Momentum has been utterly life-changing for my business. It’s made all the difference between it dying and me giving up, and it living and thriving. Thank you, Kim.

Laurie Thompson

I have never experienced such generosity in business –
Kim, you are truly a role model.

Samantha Matumo


PSCan’t afford this program? Ask yourself this, if your son or daughter were struggling in school and in danger of failing out, what would you pay to put them in a special 6-month program that you knew would set them up for academic (and career) success for the rest of their lives?

If you are like me, you would find a way to invest almost any amount because their future is worth it.

What is your future success in coaching worth?

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