While you’re here, you can jumpstart your dreams by seeing what others are saying about Marketing Momentum. Just scroll down…

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You have successfully signed up to be notified when the next Marketing Momentum registration opens!

While you’re here, you can jumpstart your dreams by seeing what others are saying about Marketing Momentum. Just scroll down…

Over & beyond…

“Where does one begin to tell the story of Kim Avery’s Marketing Momentum?!

As a Christian Minister/Entrepreneur, Kim, through Marketing Momentum has served me as a Guide. Marketing is one area of business that could quickly become overwhelming, but MM helped to take the pressure off, redefining it in a way that makes sense and comes more naturally to me. Kim’s introduction of generosity marketing refocuses from ‘salesyness’ to genuine service and care for the people I am called to serve; “win-win value exchange” she calls it.

Kim is lively with a very infectious enthusiasm; over and beyond generous with the content. She, in every sense, takes you by the hand and walks with you, then releases you to run with the tools the program gives, whilst sitting in the bleachers, cheering you on. Her unstoppable ‘can do it scared’ outlook to life and business inspires you to keep moving forward, at your pace (persistent), in partnership with your CEO and Sender, Almighty God.

MM answers any question you could have about Marketing in a meticulous step-by-step way, and offers beyond your expectation. Kim’s advocacy and desire for her students’ greatness and success are second to none! She has helped me to keep working through building my Ministry and business with resolution, focus and purpose.

Thank you for everything, Kim, and as I thankfully say, “only eternity will fully repay you!”

Bosede Santos

God-given gift…

“Working with Kim Avery as part of Marketing Momentum was a God-given gift to help turn my calling into concrete action steps.  It’s one thing to make that difficult decision to let go of what is familiar and follow God’s call into unknown territory.  It’s another thing to put action steps behind that decision and, like Peter, actually get out of the boat and do what seems impossible.  We’ve all heard that there is strength in numbers.  What I learned in Marketing Momentum is that there is courage in community.  Kim Avery provided us with a roadmap, specific action steps, and challenges along the way.  She also provided us with the encouragement that comes from being in community with others taking those first steps out of the boat as well.

I have a long way to go, but when I look at how far I have come, I am so thankful for Marketing Momentum.  God mightily used this program to help me and so many others launch Christ-centered programs and services in a way that honors God and blesses those that we serve.  I grew by learning practical skills and strategies as well as challenging unbiblical mindsets that got in my way.

I highly recommend Marketing Momentum to anyone, like me, for whom taking those first steps forward in launching a God-given calling feels both uncomfortable and unnatural.  By taking just one step forward at a time, I’ve seen God open doors that I could have never opened on my own, outside of Kim’s contribution of Godly wisdom, practical skills, and encouraging community.”

Ginger Hill, MS, MCHES


The real deal…

“With Kim Avery, you get a coach, entrepreneur, and cheerleader who is informative, knowledgeable, passionate, caring, prayerful and AUTHENTIC. In this tumultuous year of COVID-19 with everything topsy-turvy and prominent Christian leaders “falling,” it is refreshing to be associated with someone like Kim who is “the real deal.”

To use yet another cliche, “Kim doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks the walk.”

When you look into Kim’s brilliant blue eyes in your computer monitor, when you hear her compassionate voice and words of wisdom over Zoom, it is as if you are having an encounter with Someone greater than Kim working through Kim.

Mark O’Keefe | Vice President, Editorial Services

Another level…


“I had the good fortune to be a part of Marketing Momentum. I have taken other marketing courses in the past. I have always walked away with something. However, I never experienced the generosity that Kim provided in her course. The value exceeded my expectations. The content was robust, helpful, practical, and user friendly.  On top of that was a Christian perspective. Kim reminded me that every business idea, goal, or effort starts with checking in with God through prayer. My business has grown to another level and I have grown. If you are a Christian coach, I highly recommend that you invest the time and money into MM. Thanks, Kim for all you do.”

Karen Weaver

Forever grateful…


“I am so thankful for the direction Kim provided while I was creating my business, she encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things (even if they felt uncomfortable) and I learned a lot about my capabilities, which helped me hone my business. Her practical, no-nonsense way with lots of grace for the stage you are in, has made me grow so much! I will be forever grateful for my first marketing class with Kim!”

Jennifer Neilson | JLN Coaching & Consulting

Research-based and practical…

“I’m blessed to be a participant of Marketing Momentum and value the research-based and practical approach.  I love Kim’s leadership and enjoy the access to the community of coaches and entrepreneurs.  Kim creates a supportive environment and is great at stretching us beyond our comfort zone and getting us to try new things, like when she created a competition for the best short video, and so many other opportunities. I also admire her own willingness to try new things like when she tried Facebook Live for the first time.

On a personal note, Kim is a phenomenal role model –an entrepreneur, marketer, coach, and Christian. Regardless of circumstances, Kim demonstrates dedication, perseverance, concern for all of us, and just keeps moving forward, and encourages us to do likewise.”  

Darlene Lee

Competence, confidence, courage…

As a former HR executive, I had no idea how to run my own business let alone market it. I felt incompetent, alone, and embarrassed when I started the coach certification journey to build a coaching practice.

I remember the first time I heard Kim speak on the podcast with Chris and how transparent, engaging, vulnerable, and authentic she came across. I got curious and looked her up and saw she offered Marketing Momentum. I decided to give it a try and see what might be possible to help get clear on what I’m supposed to do market coaching. Well, Kim just has a way of making you feel at ease AND confident to get going. Her transparent sharing of failures she experienced in the past building her business is refreshing. I’m not alone and with help, I can succeed. Kim constantly reminds us of the hope we have in remembering God’s got this business, we just need to lean in and press on.

Somehow, each 55-minute session when I’m in a class with Kim, I can let go and be free to hear what I need to hear for that session and go try one thing from my KNOW, BE, DO. Kim has given me a space to grow the confidence I need to jump into the flow with where God wants to lead me instead of staying in my head and falling down the rabbit hole of doubt, worry, and regret.

“Thank you Kim for living out the gifts God has given you to be present, authentic, encouraging and humble. You just know the right amount of “nuggets” needed that get a person moving down the path of possibility.”  Forever grateful,  Nancy

Nancy D. Lopez | Founder & Principal NDL Leadership LLC

Nothing compares…

“Kim, I have no idea how to express to you how much I have enjoyed and benefited from Marketing Momentum. You are absolutely amazing and your ideas for marketing our businesses are incredible!

I do not know where I would be in my coaching business if it weren’t for you and your encouragement and positive outlook on being an entrepreneur.

I must admit that I have started many marketing momentum calls thinking that I would probably give up soon due to discouragement.  You are a constant reminder of how God works and to keep persevering even when it looks like nothing is happening. Your faith in God and us means so much! 

I have been in marketing classes before, but nothing compares to yours!  You keep giving and giving and giving!  Kim, you are an inspiration to all who know you and I am just one of the many you have blessed immensely. Thank you!” 

Claudia Cantrell

One of the best investments…

One of the best investments I have made in my coaching business was signing up for Kim Avery’s Marketing Momentum course. I remember logging in for the first Zoom meeting two years ago. I felt completely out of my element. It didn’t take long, though, for me to feel at ease and very comfortable with this new group of friends.

Kim made each of us feel welcome, no matter our level of experience. Her expertise in marketing and her generosity in providing resources and materials assured me I had made the right decision. Her leadership and training have impacted me and my business in countless ways. I have learned about systems and strategies to grow my practice. And when I doubted if I could accomplish my goals, Kim has been there to encourage and cheer me on. The best part for me? Everything Kim does is Christ-centered and bathed in prayer. Her servant’s heart sets the standard for all she does. And not only that, Kim adds a large dose of fun to all her training. I am blessed by being part of the Marketing Momentum community!


Deb Kalmbach

Forward movement was invaluable…

“Investing in Marketing Momentum is one of the best decisions I’ve made! Not only have I learned more about marketing than I could have imagined, I have also grown as a person, as a coach, and as a Christian woman. 

I appreciate the way Kim always points us back to the Bible and the truths God gives us there. Sharing successes and challenges with other Christian coaches and entrepreneurs is a highlight of the week for me. And the learning keeps going in the Facebook group and the membership site.

Kim is beyond generous; she models what she teaches, and her personality invites everyone in. The forward movement I’ve made coaching with Kim has been invaluable. I still have some of the acknowledgments she shared with me written on post-it notes on my computer monitor!

In short, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Kim Avery and Marketing Momentum!

Lori Bolen, CBFRLC, ACC | Family Recovery Coach

Value immensely exceeded the cost…

“Kim Avery and Marketing Momentum have been used by God to assist me in coming into alignment with what He has for me to bring forth into the Kingdom, for such a time as this!

I know me and my old patterns. I would not have stepped out of my old patterns of thinking and believing, as easily, had it not been for being directed to saying yes to joining Marketing Momentum. I have chosen to stay connected to Kim Avery now that my first experience with Marketing Momentum is over so that slipping back is not an option. Don’t miss your opportunity to become all that God desires you to be. Believe and step forth in this decision!

 I received something greater than what money could pay for. The value immensely exceeded the cost!!”

Sandra Rykbost

 More Kind Words…