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Permission to Play: Dare to Do Less and Be More

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It’s Christmas time, the most magical time of year. Or is it?

For too many years, I’ve raced through this season trying to be and do it all. During those times, holidays bring more madness than magic, and January finds me weary and worn.

I want this year to be different; and just in case you want to join me, I’ll share my simple plan below.

This December, let’s dare to do less and be more. It’s time to celebrate the breath-taking wonder of a God made man.


Three Ways to Do Less and Be More

1. Presence

I’ve spent countless hours over the years looking for that perfect present. You know, the one that embodies all the thought, care, and undying love I have for those special people God has brought into my life.

But going from sale to sale and store to store, I’ve realized that no earthly item can fully express the depths of what I really feel. Love is just too big to squeeze into a box.

So, this year I’m going to do it differently. Going for “presence” over “presents,” I’ve decided to create lifelong memories with God, family, and friends.

I plan to slow down, buy less, and show up more fully present with God and with those I love. I’ll savor the gospel stories and belt out the ancient hymns. I’ll pray, and cry, and laugh, and fall on my face in awe.

After all, God clothing Himself in human skin has shown us that presence is the greatest gift of all.

2. Play

I work hard. So do you. December is the time to take a break and engage in some serious play.

Research shows that incredible benefits come from play. It:

  • relieves stress
  • improves brain functioning
  • boosts creativity
  • builds relationships
  • keeps energy high

With all those blessings, let’s leave the guilt at home and invite our inner kid to come out to play.

3. Procrastinate

With all that guilt-free presence and play, you may be wondering when we’ll work on business-building. The answer is next year. Really. Let’s give ourselves full permission to procrastinate on our pro-active marketing from now until January.

The first of the year will be the perfect time to jump back in. Energized, rested, and fueled up with God’s love, we’ll bring much better selves into 2016.

So, are you ready to kick-off your guilt-free, fully present, work-procrastinating December?

If so, I’d love to help you procrastinate now so you can reengage then with a solid, realistic plan. I’ve just opened registration for the January group of Get Clients NOW, and I’ve thrown in a terrific Early Bird discount so you can begin your holiday season right. (You can see all the details here.)

Holiday Blessings

But no matter what you do, I pray that the living Christ will permeate every moment of this special season with His ever-present love, joy, and peace.


  1. MaryLou Caskey

    Thanks for your encouragement to play and to get the rejuvenation we need to make a difference. What a great time of year to do that (especially while we have young grandchildren who make play “easy”).

    • Kim Avery

      Hi Mary Lou, I agree. Playing when children are around brings out the inner child in me :).


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