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S1-E3: Practicing the Presence of God

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These are the days… the days when life is hard and suffering runs deep, when busyness abounds yet we feel strangely alone. These are the days when we want, we need more of Jesus.

Not just on Sundays. Not just at the start of the day with an added thank you prayer as the sun goes down. We want to live every moment in dependence on, and enjoyment of, God. 

Brother Lawrence called this Practicing God’s Presence, and in today’s episode, we’ll learn how this practice is still accessible and available to you and me.

💡Today’s Big Idea: God is everywhere. The invitation is to grow our awareness of Him.

⚡️Today’s Small Step: Download our free handout, Practice the Presence of God: 50+ Ways to Enjoy God All Day

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“Let all your occupation be to know God.” 
Brother Lawrence 

“We should establish ourselves in a sense of God’s presence by continually conversing with Him.”
Brother Lawrence 

“Brother Lawrence’s one method of going to God
and abiding in His Presence was to do all for the love of Him.
The littleness of the work did not lessen one bit the value of the offering, for God does not consider the greatness of the work, but the love that motivates doing it.”
M. Beaufort

“(Exercise) a great faithfulness in the practice of His presence, and in keeping the soul’s gaze fixed on God.”
Brother Lawrence 



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