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S1-E5: The Cycle of Grace: Living From Overflow

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Jesus didn’t hustle to earn God’s love; He was already enveloped in it. Guess what? So are we! This liberating truth beckons us to exhale, hit the pause button more often, savor extended moments with God, and entrust the outcomes to His capable hands.

Don’t miss this week’s episode where we delve deeper into Frank Lake’s transformative research on ‘The Cycle of Grace.’ We’ll explore how Jesus Himself operated from this cycle and share actionable steps you can take to do the same.

💡Today’s Big Idea: We are not working for God’s love, we are working from it.

⚡️Today’s Small Step: Write this on a post-it note and pray it throughout this week, “Father, thank you that I am already accepted and loved.”


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“Grace is not opposed to effort, it is opposed to earning.” Dallas Willard



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