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S2-E5: When God Writes Your Story

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In an age where the world clamors for our attention, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos, wondering where to invest our precious time, focus our scattered thoughts, and anchor our restless hearts.

Yet, above all the noise, God is the ultimate author of our stories and as we learn to tune into His whisper, He’s eager to help us stay on His path.

In this episode, I’ll share four formational practices that can help us faithfully follow God in the ever-unfolding plot of our lives. 


💡Today’s Big Idea: God is writing a beautiful story with your life, He knows the plot line, and we know Him.

⚡️Today’s Small Step:  Choose one practice or rhythm to engage in this week that will help you step back, and check in with God about the bigger picture, so you can begin to realign everything around that main thing.


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