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Roadmap to Success: 4 Steps to Building A Professional Christian Coaching Business

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[Part 1 of 4 Part Series] I’ll never forget the moment when I heard about life coaching for the first time. Was this the answer I’d been looking for? The very thing I was born to do?

The Dream

At the thought of it, my imagination took flight and soared.


I could see it so clearly. Men and women living joyful, purposeful, and meaningful lives, touching and transforming families, friends, churches and more.

I envisioned having a flexible, profitable job that I loved. A job that allowed me to work from home.

I imagined long, lazy mornings spent with my Lord, then commuting from coffee pot to easy chair where I’d prop up my feet and coach on the phone.

Ah… it was a beautiful dream until I opened my eyes and the nightmare began.

The Nightmare

Don’t get me wrong. Life coaching was everything I’d hoped it would be. But it was the process of building my business that sent me into a tailspin.

I had never built a business before, and it showed.

Day after day, I sat in my home office staring at a phone that rarely rang.

For two long years, I tried all the “popular” marketing strategies, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t turn my coaching business into a full-time job.


Then the light slowly dawned. Building a business was a lot like building… well, a building. It needed a strong foundation, and it went up in stages. Step-by-step. In order. From the ground up.

I’d been trying to put on the roof before the foundation was ever poured.

If I wanted a sustainable business, I needed a systematic approach. So, I waded through the sea of Internet information looking for the elusive answer.

Quick fix solutions were everywhere, but reliable marketing information was hard to find. It wasn’t organized, systematized, or optimized. Worst of all, the core message behind all of it was sell, sell, sell.

There was nothing designed with the Christian coach in mind.

The Roadmap

I was faced with two choices. I could give up on my dream or I could roll up my sleeves and create what I couldn’t find: an organized, simplified, bite-sized system that embodied Christ’s message of service and love. A roadmap to building a professional Christian coaching business.

That’s what I decided to do. And I want to give that roadmap to you.

Over the next two weeks, I’m going to give you a roadmap to success. I’ll share the four major steps of building a successful Christian coaching business and tell you what you need to do and when. I’ll point out the obstacles you want to avoid.

Most of all, I’m going to tell you truth.

Straight Talk

Becoming a professional coach is a serious decision, so I refuse to sugarcoat the information or hold anything back. I’ll show you exactly what the research says about how long it really takes to build a successful coaching business, and how much money you can really expect to earn.

Keep your eyes open for the rest of this series.

This is your life. Your business. Your gift to the world.

Make the most of it!


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