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Stealth Marketing with Facebook

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As a new coach myself (and Kim’s Virtual Assistant), I, like many of us, get hives thinking about tooting my own horn. It just seems so gauche. So awkward. So distasteful. Because it so often is.

But marketing, at its core, isn’t blatantly tooting our own horns. It is providing our potential (and current) clients with helpful information that also reminds them of what we do. And that’s what we are going to talk about today.

facebook-camoActually what we are going to talk about is what I call “Stealth Marketing.” It is giving something of value to our target market and including a subtle reminder that we are available to coach them.

The key that turns it from just being generous to being a reminder is in the wording. Take Kim’s recent podcast episode on “Planning Your Ideal Week” and the accompanying download.

You could pass those along on your Facebook page and say something like, “Here’s a great resource from Kim Avery.” Or you might just share the link and say nothing.

But what if you said something like this: “Here’s a great resource from Kim Avery that I’ve shared with my coaching clients to help them be more productive and less stressed. I hope you find it helpful! Let me know if you have any questions about how it works.”

Now you’re not only providing a great resource (Generosity Marketing), but you are also giving them a reason to use it (coaching), and planting the seed that YOU are the person who can help them be more productive and less stressed (Stealth Marketing). Not a bad day’s work for one little link!

And now the technical details…

When you find a resource online that you want to share, make sure that you have the actual URL that goes directly to that resource. For example, if it is a blog post, make sure you get the URL of the actual post, and not the URL of the page that lists all of the blog posts. So for example, on the post that I referenced above, you would go to this page: And the way that you would get the URL is to look up at the top of the window in the address bar and copy what it shows there. Like this:

The cool thing is that when you copy and paste that URL into your Facebook Post, it will bring in the graphic, too. Nothing extra for you to do. Here’s what it might look like, and all I did was add the comment at the top and drop in the link. Pretty cool, huh?


This is even easier to do with a YouTube video. You’ve got to try this. First, find a video you like — I’ve chosen this one:


Below the video itself you will see some share options. If you click the little word “Share,” another panel drops down, which you can see in the screen shot above. The first thing you might notice is the URL that is highlighted, and you can grab that and share it anywhere. However the really cool part is that if you click the Facebook icon right above the URL, it will open a post for you (assuming you are already signed into Facebook on your computer), and you can just add your comment and post it. Easy peasy.

What is your favorite way to share resources with your Facebook peeps?


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