Strengths-Based Coaching with Brent O’Bannon – Podcast #125

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Focusing on clients’ strengths is a powerful strategy when it comes to helping them increase productivity and keep moving forward. In today’s podcast, we’ve got the information you need to begin incorporating strengths-based coaching into your next session.


  • The science and art of strengths-based coaching so you can balance your knowledge and intuition, to maximize clients’ momentum
  • How strengths-based coaching differs from other approaches so you can understand how to leverage the techniques in your coaching sessions
  • Differences between a talent theme and a strength and what makes a strengths-approach more powerful than dealing with weaknesses
  • The scriptural basis for strengths-based coaching
  • How to integrate the core competencies of coaching with strengths-based coaching so you can maintain the integrity of your practice

About Brent O’Bannon

Brent O’Bannon is a PCC and the first GALLUP-Certified Strengths Coach in the world.

He coaches and champions leaders, entrepreneurs, and multi-million dollar companies to grow stronger, work smarter, and live richer with their strengths.

Brent teaches the PCCI Strengths Based Coaching course and is a recent Amazon #1 best-selling author of Selling Strengths: A Little Book for Executive and Life Coaches About Using Your Strengths to Get Paying Clients.

Join his vision to champion strengths for global excellence at &

Take Brent’s free Breakthrough With Strengths online course here:

Strengths-Based Coaching Class starts April 26, 2018. Learn more here:

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