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The Beauty of Inadequacy

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God called you to be a coach and an entrepreneur. Wow, what a wonderful privilege. And a big responsibility. But that’s okay. You’re motivated, excited, and well-trained.

You are good to go…

Except for one itty-bitty thing – the “M” word. Marketing.


Beauty Of Inadequacy

To coach you have to get clients, and to get clients you have to market. Market your business. Market yourself. And you’ve not learned those skills. In fact, truth be told, you’re pretty sure you never wanted to learn those skills.

Self-promotion, networking meetings, building a website, choosing a niche, trying to catch up with the technology curve, charging money for coaching that people want for free….


You feel completely inadequate.

So, the temptation comes to try to fill that gap on your own through…


Determination – Through sheer brute strength you’ll break down every barrier convinced that “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.” And determination may achieve the goal but wound your spirit in the process.

Self-Filled GapDenial “If God called me to do this, it will magically work out. Clients will just appear at the door.” And so you wait, and wait, and wait for a thriving business that never comes.

Despair “Surely God didn’t intend marketing to be so hard and take so long, so He must not have intended for me to be a coach.” This leads to utter despair.

But there is one more way to bridge the gap…

Embrace your inadequacy.

Why? Because the truth is that marketing is too hard, the road is too long, and you aren’t equipped. But that’s not an obstacle, it’s an invitation.

An invitation to embrace your inadequacy, lean deeply into God, and experience the beauty and sufficiency of Christ.


And in that marketing journey, we learn things we’ve never learned before…

When we are…

  • Weak – Christ is strong
  • Confused – Christ is wise
  • When others reject us – Christ still accepts us
  • Anxious – Christ is our peace
  • Discouraged – Christ is our hope
  • Scared – Christ is our rock
  • Faithless – Christ is faithful

When we embrace our inadequacy through the ongoing journey of marketing, we’ll not only persevere and have businesses full of clients but lives and hearts that are full of Christ.

That’s a journey I want to take. How about you?


  1. Nancy

    Thank you, Kim! Great insight and wisdom about leaning on the Lord during this marketing and entrepreneurship journey. This is just what I needed today.

    • Kim Avery

      Thanks so much, Nancy. I appreciate the encouragement.


    Thank you, Kim…great to sit under your teaching again for a little while. I think of you often. Paul is married, has a good job, and I know you’ll love hear, a godly man, walking with our Lord. ❤️✝️❤️

    • Kim Avery

      It’s good to hear from you, and to rejoice with you in God’s faithfulness!

  3. Karissa

    This is really encouraging! I am taking the life coaching classes through PCCI next winter. The one thing that scares me is the marketing piece! I will have to save your blog and come back to remind myself that I can do it!

    • Kim Avery

      Hi Karissa, I’m so glad you’ll be taking the life coaching classes in the fall. I’m praying now that God will provide everything you need to serve Him well in this exciting new season of your life.