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The Best Client is the One You Already Have – Podcast #354

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If you’re getting tired of always looking your next client, you’ll be delighted to learn that your best new client is the one you already have. In today’s episode, you’ll hear five key reasons why the fastest, easiest, and most profitable way to grow your coaching practice is through repeat business.

Tune in to learn why returning clients:

  • Spend more money
  • Are easier to reengage
  • Cost less to acquire
  • Promote your business for you
  • Increase profitability

See all the statistics cited today and more at:

About Nathan Kreger 

Nathan Kreger is a business coach and consultant to independent service professionals and leadership coach and consultant to small businesses with 10-100 employees. He’s a small business change agent, student of marketing, speaker, and above anything else, a passionate entrepreneur.

Nathan has been a small business owner for over 8 years — sometimes successfully, other times not so much. Today, his business consists largely of coaching and consulting.

Nathan is devoted to seeing independent service professionals succeed and build the business of their dreams, and seeing healthy environments created in small businesses. He constantly learns and reads on business, marketing, and leadership, and works through several high-end programs every year, always hungry to expand his knowledge, skill, and ability.

Nathan is a zealous believer in free enterprise and entrepreneurship. What he loves about his work the most is that it allows him to help clients design businesses and lives that truly work best for them, giving them the freedom and flexibility that they desire.

One of the best things that ever happened to Nathan is his marriage to Erin. She has been his biggest supporter and cheerleader from day one.

Together they have a home in Noblesville, Indiana, that they built a few years back, and where Nathan fights the constant battle of weeds in his yard. Aside from his passion for his clients and their work, Nathan’s family is what matters most to him.

To find out more about Nathan, visit his website at 

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