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The Biggest Threat to Your Coaching Business Is…

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Let me start with the punch line.  The biggest threat to your coaching business is something you may not even be aware of but it’s living inside of you! That’s right, you, the coach who wants to honor the Lord, serve the world and provide for your family through coaching.

Lurking beneath the outward confidence of most Christian coaches is a cauldron of boiling mindsets that are secretly sabotaging their success.  Things like fear of rejection, fear of failure and feeling inadequate and unprepared for the marketing challenges ahead. Worry about money. Anxiety about the future. Comparing themselves to others. Looking at their resources and deciding they are not enough.

This is what the Bible says about the danger of hidden mindsets: “As a man thinks within himself, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7, KJV).

In other words, what you think is who you become.

While this would all seem very discouraging, there is great hope in this truth as well, because it teaches us that things can be different.

When we know and live out our daily lives, our marketing and business building lives, and base our thoughts and actions on God’s truth, the stranglehold of those sabotaging mindsets will fall away.

This video is the first in a 12-part series (1 each month for the next year) about mindset, marketing and the Christian coach.

My prayer is that with God’s help you will identify Satan’s lies and replace them with God’s truth.

Once you change your thinking, you will change your marketing. And THAT will change your life.

What marketing mindsets are you struggling with?


  1. Steve Grimm

    You are right. I continually tell myself I must not be good enough. I have been called and trained by God, but feel like everyone still judges me from a worldly perspective and thereby shuts me out or ignores my offer to help the church body. I know it is the wrong mindset to have, but it is very real, up to the point of yet another mindset, why should I even continue knowing I will be turned down by everyone I call?

    • Kim Avery

      Hi Steve, I hear you. These pesky mindsets don’t let go easily, do they? I’m so thankful that we have a supportive community of Christian coaches here so we can keep calling out God’s truths to one another as we walk out our callings in some tough places. Thanks for being willing to share. You are not alone.