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The Enneagram: A Helpful Tool for Self-Discovery – Podcast #171

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If you or your clients want to gain greater awareness of your true self so you can live well, consider using The Enneagram. It’s a beneficial tool for self-discovery and it helps you, as a coach, be more effective in coaching others around relationships, workplace dynamics, purpose and practically every other area of life and work.

You’ll expand your awareness and your impact as you:

  • Look at the assessment results with your clients and explore new insights with powerful questions
  • Assess habits and mindsets so you and your clients can operate out of and develop primary strengths
  • Uncover the 9 personality types that emerge from the center of true self and understand how the Enneagram can aid in self-discovery
  • Operate out of your best true self

About Teresa McCloy

Teresa McCloy is a Certified Life and Leadership Coach with PCCI and creator of the REALIFE Process™ she is also an Enneagram Accredited Professional with the International Enneagram Association and a Certified Practitioner with the iEnneagram Motions of the Soul©. Teresa partners with her clients as a coach, consultant and professional speaker to FORGET being productive and discover that really matters. Prior to coaching Teresa was an entrepreneur with several businesses, from owning her own music studio to establishing a retail clothing store. She also served 15 years as a Creative Arts Minister.

As a recovering workaholic who was addicted to all the latest apps, software, and best-selling books on productivity. Teresa is now passionate about helping entrepreneurs, creators and leaders to assess their habits and mindset, know their true self through the tool of the Enneagram and create a new REALIFE Process™ to do what really matters.

Learn more about your Enneagram type:

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