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Unshakeable Success Starts Tomorrow | 31-Day Prayer Challenge

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It’s a New Year, and I’m praying that this is the year God will give you massive success, inside and out.

Success like David’s.

Success is Possible

David was an ordinary businessman who grew up picking cotton. Understandably, he wanted more from life, so he started making picture frames in his garage.

Over the years his hard work paid off, and his company grew to over 30,000 employees with billions of dollars in annual revenue.


But in 2014, David found himself in the center of a firestorm, and the whole world was watching. Recent changes in healthcare laws wrest the fate of his company from his hands and laid it before nine members of the Supreme Court of the United States in the now famed Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Case.

And in that pivotal moment, David Green, former cotton-picker, founder, and CEO of Hobby Lobby, says he felt…

Complete and total peace!?!

Crazy, right? But here’s his exact quote, None of it shook me, and this was not because I am a rock of conviction or because I’m an unemotional person. This peace was the gift of God and the fruit of the prayerful decisions my family and I had made.


How can a man with so much to lose walk through the fire enveloped by so much peace?

I want to know. Not just because I want that kind of success, but because I want that kind of peace. In good times and bad. And I’ll bet you do, too.

True Success

That’s why we are beginning our 31 Day Prayer Challenge in a counter-intuitive way, by praying for ourselves before we start praying for breakout business results.

As the owners of our service-based businesses, we want, we need, to become more of WHO God wants us to be SO THAT we can consistently DO the things God is calling us to do.

For the next six days, we’ll pray that God will use every circumstance, every conversation, every challenge to train us to be:

  • Prayer-Empowered
  • Christ-Saturated
  • Grace-Infused
  • Joy-Fueled
  • Spirit-Filled
  • Peace-Permeated

We really can be all these things, and we become them the same way that David Green of Hobby Lobby did: through prayer.

Inside-Out Change

God wants to change our businesses, and that begins as He first changes us.

Nothing that happens in the year to come, in the month ahead, today is a coincidence. Let’s notice, pray for, and cooperate with what God is doing each moment of every day. We do this by praying one Prayer Point every day, noticing throughout the day how God is working on that one thing, and then eagerly joining Him.

Let’s start the year right and build our lives and our businesses on prayer.

Click here to join me on this grand adventure.


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