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What Should I Write About?

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Your office is quiet. The cup of coffee is piping hot. You lean back in your chair, power up the computer screen, stare at a blank page, fingers poised over the keyboard and…

…sit there until your coffee is iceberg cold.


What in the world can you write about to mesmerize your readers and bring clients streaming to your door?

Here are some questions you may want to consider before posting your content online:

  1. Who are you trying to reach? If you try to reach everyone, you get no one. Choose a niche and write for them.
  2. Where do they spend their online time? You can’t be everywhere, so make sure that you are where your niche can easily find you.
  3. How do they access the Internet? Are they browsing on a desktop, laptop, iPad or smartphone? You want to make sure that your content is device friendly by using short paragraphs, bullet points, and images where appropriate.
  4. What problem are they trying to solve? Research shows that your prospects will give you only 3-8 seconds before they decide to click off or read more. Make sure they know from the first glance that you are answering the very questions they are asking.
  5. What next step do you want them to take? Along with receiving great information, what do you want your reader to do? Sign up for your newsletter? Subscribe to your blog? Join your Facebook community? Attend a webinar? Leave a comment? Choose ONE call to action, and make it very clear.

Blogging online is one of the wisest things you can do. But before you begin, take a minute to figure out what content your target market will love.

What are you planning to write about?



  1. Cheryl Cope

    Very good suggestions if you find yourself without anything to write…Thanks again!

    • Kim Avery

      Thanks, Cheryl. But you always seem to find good things to write about on your blog :).

  2. Arleen Bradley

    Kim, you hit the nail on the head! I will be using your suggestions. I find myself staring at my screen wondering what to say very often. You’re the best!

    • Kim Avery

      Thanks, Arleen. Me, too. I do great writing when ‘inspiration’ hits but on those days when there is a deadline and NO inspiration – that’s a struggle.

  3. Cheryl Thomas

    This book has been a God-send for me. It helped me to zero in on my target market with laser focus and to be more strategic with my blog posts and marketing in general. Thanks for helping us walk through the wisdom and insight from Platform.

    • Kim Avery

      Hi Cheryl,

      Woohoo! It’s nice to find another Platform fan. I agree. Michael Hyatt does a great job of walking us through the blog building process step-by-step.

  4. Scott Couchenour

    “What problem are they trying to solve?”

    This is the question that hits home with me. So much of the time I approach blogging with ME in mind (how can I be clever, get likes, be popular, get higher stats, etc.) But God has assigned the role of helping ministry leaders to me. I must steward that role the best I can. And this question helps me. Thanks!

  5. Nellie Phiri

    Thank you for these very useful tips. I have struggled with deciding what subjects to write about on my website. Thanks again

    • Kim Avery

      Hi Nellie – Thanks. I think part of the problem isn’t that there aren’t enough things to write about but too many. It can be overwhelming. But we can’t go wrong letting your visitors preferences decide.

  6. Cathey Stott

    These questions are excellent to keep me focused in my blog. It’s all about focus and serving my niche. Thank you

    • Kim Avery

      Thanks for stopping by, Cathey. It’s nice to see you here.

  7. Cindy

    So important to remember who our audience is..I tend to get so excited about something that I write what I want to say, not always what my audience needs. Good points! Thank you!

    • Kim Avery

      Thanks, Cindy. I always appreciate your thoughts.