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When Promoting Yourself is the Right Thing to Do

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Help Your Clients Find You

As Christians, we know that God has given us unique gifts to be used to further His kingdom and benefit His body. And as coaches, we know that there is great fulfillment and satisfaction in operating in our areas of giftedness and strength.

Even as that is true for our clients, so it is true for us. So the question is, “Are you hiding your light under a bushel?”

You, as a Christian coach, have been uniquely gifted and called to meet the needs of those you will soon call your clients. They need to know you exist! What are you doing to make it easier for them to find you?

Marketing has been given this definition: “Telling people what you do, over and over again.”

Here are some ways that have proven particularly effective for coaches:

Shine Your LIght

Let Your Light Shine

Speak Publicly – This is perhaps the single most leveraged use of your marketing time. By virtue of your position on the stage, you are already seen as the expert. You have the attention of the whole room, which may be 7 or 70 or 700 potential clients, people who need what you offer (or know someone who does). All of those people see you as talking directly to them, and your know-like-trust factor soars. For more information on the ins and outs of public speaking, click here.

Volunteer – Find organizations filled with your target market and get involved. Find a conference they attend and see if you can participate, either as a speaker (highly leveraged) or as a volunteer.

Educate – Holding free workshops is a great way to get known in your community for your expertise and gifts. And online workshops, known as teleseminars or webinars, is an excellent way to get known by your niche online.

Write – On the Web, “Content is King.” Your website needs a fresh infusion of content regularly to keep the Search Engines coming back, and other ways you can share your content are article marketing, guest blogging, and making comments on others’ blogs.

Socialize Online – Be active online wherever your target market hangs out. If there are Facebook pages they like, be there and be active. If they are on LinkedIn, join groups and get known for your opinions and helpfulness. If they chat in forums, participate by both asking and answering questions.

Sometimes promoting yourself is the right thing to do. Your niche needs you. Make sure they can find you.

I’m curious. What holds you back from promoting yourself?


  1. Nicole Kirksey

    No matter how many times I see these marketing approaches listed, I learn something new, or I’m made more aware that I NEED to do them!

    I’m held back from promoting myself by at least three things:

    1) Not having a simple, effective marketing plan in place that I work consistently over time;
    2) Not feeling that my online message is clear and specific enough to share frequently with my target market; and
    3) Being too lazy (fearful) to leave the house and speak publicly live (even though I love it and I’m good at it).

    None of this is anything having a good coach couldn’t solve. 🙂 I am working right now to get the resources to hire a business coach who can help me with some of this and get me moving on the right track.

    • Kim Avery

      Hi Nicole,

      Great points. And good for you for moving ahead in spite of your fears to get your message out to the world. May God bless you as you serve Him through your business.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment :).


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