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Working Backwards to Reach Your Goals

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Bridge the Gap to Your Goals

You are here. Your major goal is over there. You know some of the things that need to be done to accomplish your goal, but sometimes it is helpful to start at the goal and work backwards. What’s the last piece that will fall into place? What’s the piece before that?

When solving a proof in Geometry, you start with some “Given” information and use that to build your way to the statement that you are trying to prove. The problem is, there are a lot of things that can be true because of the “Given” information. The key is figuring out which true statement comes next, which one will lead you to the proof.

Achieving a major goal is like that. There are a lot of things you can do from where you are, but the key is finding the right next step that will move you forward toward the end you want to achieve.

Begin with the End in Mind

Stephen Covey calls it beginning with the end in mind. If you don’t think about the goal you won’t get there.

Let’s take an income goal. You’ve come up with a number that is a stretch, but seems reasonable, given your marketing plan and your resources. But instead of looking ahead at that bright shiny new year and putting your hand to whatever is at hand, let’s see what happens when we work backwards.

Take your goal and divide it by 12 to see how much income you must have each month. Then divide that by 4 to see how much you must generate each week. Now you are prepared to evaluate your next step. What is it that you can do that will move you towards meeting that weekly goal? Can you see other activities you could have chosen that would not have helped you move towards your goal, even though they might have seemed like logical and valid next steps?

Take each goal and plan backwards to discover your best next step.

What goal are you planning to reach?



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