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We have encouragement for you today, Coach, so you don’t let the dream die. Whether you just started out, were already in the midst of business-building, or ran a thriving practice before COVID-19 came onto the scene. No matter your situation. If you have a coaching dream, today’s episode will give you the tools you need to stay the course.

You’ll takeaway: 

  • 3 Biblical truths to help you remain rooted so you remember how this will all end.
  • 3 things you need to keep top of mind, in the middle of the mess, so you can engage your heart and mind to thrive in these challenging times.
  • 3 ways to reground so you can apply practical action steps, today, and keep coaching.
  • 3 paths to help you navigate the way from the pandemic, through your Godly passion, to the Promise.

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